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Due diligence denied

Thanks Mike Adams for discussing this in his newsletter today.
I would be very surprised if a statistician was included in this meeting. There are statistical methods for small numbers and absolutely every study like this needs their expertise.
That is, I smell a rat. I think the committee was deliberately loaded to give the yes outcome.

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Mice, fruit flies and us - all in together.

Unto the Nth generation - the sins of the fathers etc. Well, it just could be.
Ill effects of environmental insults to mice are certainly passed on.
One of the mechanisms has now been sorted out in fruit flies.

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NutritionFacts.org - short, snappy videos

Thanks to the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine for this resource from their latest newsletter.

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As in USA, so in Japan, have a hug.

Same strokes for different folks.
Heart disease, cognitive decline or any other unwanted health outcome - congenial company is protective.
Have another hug.

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Chelation KOs antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Dr. Thomas Janossy is speaking today on the "immune defense summit" currently free on line. You will be able to listen to him again at the end of the few days of the event.
This is a not-to-be-missed talk.
The article below is one of the gems from his lecture.

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