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And a pretty safe vitamin.

Thanks to the Vitamin D Council from their latest newsletter.
The actual paper is well summarized in the article below. The single dose of equivalent to two bottles of usual capsules, caused no side effects.

"No measured vitamin D3 metabolite increased into a toxic range in any of the treatment groups throughout the study period. Furthermore, there were no instances of clinically significant hypercalcemia occurring in any of the treatment groups throughout the study period.

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A not so safe pharmaceutical?

Admittedly an animal study, but where there's smoke...
In pregnancy, "when in doubt, nowt" is a good rule.

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Lecture by Dietrich Klinghardt

Hi People,
If you can find the time in the next 24 hours, this is groundbreaking, breathtaking, whatever you like.
It's the next wave in chronic disease understanding, equivalent to the discovery of Helicobacter pylori in duodenal ulcer.
P.S. If you missed it, these "summits" usually have a day or two at the end when they unlock all the speakers.

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Three Ms with Heidi Hanna and Ari Whitten

There's more - Heidi gives five steps, padded out with a lot of uncommon sense.
It's good stuff.
I enjoyed it, hope you do too.

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Yet again, re D and knees

From Amber Tovey, writing for the vitamin D council a lesson on RCT methodology. These people found no benefit of vitamin D supplementation overall (ref) until they looked at those who had consistent good blood levels from the supplementation.
This lesson hasn't always been heeded. A lot of the trials of "homocysteine lowering" supplements didn't measure this, only clinical outcomes (ref.)

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