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David Icke on the not-too-distant future.

This guy is amazingly perceptive. He is a one-stop-shop for understanding "what is really going on."
One of his book titles says it all... "And the Truth Shall Set You Free."
Keep thinking for yourself.

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It's just not cricket - re dishonest Pommies

Sayer Ji's talk is still available on purchase of the gmosrevealed talks. This is a piece explaining some of the technical stuff and well worth reading even if you listened to Sayer.
I'm of English stock so I can get away with the title of this blog.

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Negative hallucination - thanks again Mike

Living in Australia, my interest in American politics is minimal. Even if you just watch the start of this video, it is a quite surprisingly effective demonstration of the "elephant in the room."
Our limited perception. Oh dear!

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Over-diagnosis checklist

This article speaks for itself.
I very savvy friend used to get three independent opinions before making important financial decisions.
One's health warrants as much care.

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Due diligence denied

Thanks Mike Adams for discussing this in his newsletter today.
I would be very surprised if a statistician was included in this meeting. There are statistical methods for small numbers and absolutely every study like this needs their expertise.
That is, I smell a rat. I think the committee was deliberately loaded to give the yes outcome.

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