If you do have multiple drug intolerances, do you also dislike or get symptoms of allergies from car exhausts or gasoline fumes.

Are you allergic to cigarette smoke, cheap perfumes or terpenes from cut flowers?

These are all chemical allergies, or “petrochemical allergy” as crude petroleum is the starting point for the majority of chemicals produced.

People with lots of bad experiences of drug side effects are usually not suffering because of a bad attitude. If they have developed an attitude, it's more likely to be the other way around.

Compared to non-allergic individuals, your body may handle some drugs quite differently.

Drugs mostly are quite foreign to our body, there is no specific mechanism for shifting them around your body. They float around in the blood and seep into the tissues, depending on their physical properties – whether water or fat soluble, how well they stick to proteins, whether they have an electrical charge etc. This is a passive process, not aided by our body.

If you have allergy to a drug, this is usually only recognized by your developing an itchy rash or wheezing or one of the commonly accepted symptoms of allergy.

People who have multiple chemical sensitivity however, can get apparently non-allergic reactions to multiple drugs.

Unfortunately this condition is not generally recognized by doctors, and these people can be labeled as cranks and not believed.

People with multiple drug intolerances often avoid both doctors and drugs.

The answer, and the reason

You can take hope. People with multiple drug intolerances can often safely use some drugs (but not antibiotics,) by using very small doses. I generally advise starting with about an eighth of the smallest usual dose.

The reason for this phenomenon is I believe, that the body has antibodies against the drug concerned. These attach to the drug, forming an “immune complex.”

Immune complexes are often formed in our body, from partly digested food which manages to get in through the wall of our gut. They are actively removed from the blood stream, rather than just having to passively seep out.

It appears that drugs caught by this mechanism, may reach their intended destination more rapidly and effectively. The bad reaction is basically a large overdose at this site.

The writer for Wikipedia on proinsulin, notes that moderate concentrations of certain insulin antibodies may be useful because of this mechanism. The effect is to “increase the clearance rate and distribution space,” which means better absorption into more cells - pretty much what I've been saying about drugs and antibodies

A case in point

A recent case history illustrates this well, although it didn't end well. We'll call her Mary, a woman in her 60's with a complicated medical history, recently in hospital. There she was given one dose of morphine and slept well for the next two nights and was “out of it” mentally for three days. This is a very unusual reaction.

I gave her oxycodone 5mg. To take 1/8 th of a tablet. This amount would do nothing of the average person, but worked well for relieving her pain. Unfortunately after two doses, she developed a rash all over her body, just to prove the point about the mechanism involved.

You cannot do this with antibiotics, as the germs need the normal concentration of the drug for it to be effective.

And another, more serious example.

This person had already shown symptoms from petrochemical allergy in the past. She was given standard chemotherapy for a squamous cell carcinoma of her anus, and nearly died as a result.

The treatment was one lot of Mitomycin C and four daily lots of 5FU, both in normally acceptable doses.

She was readmitted ill, two days after the last dose. Her condition worsened rapidly, with mouth ulceration, heartburn and vomiting from breakdown of the lining of her gastrointestinal system. She developed septicaemia and thrush infection.

The white cells in her blood dropped from normal (7.1) on the first day, to 0.5 a week later. Her platelet count dropped dangerously to 32 (normal over 150.)

She was treated with antibiotics, colony stimulating factor, platelet transfusions etc and was desperately ill for weeks.

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It may not be the drug, but excipients in the formulation.

2017 update list of article abstracts

The following links are to article abstracts I found interesting. This condition apparently co-exists often with sensitivity to electro-magnetic "smog."
You will probably need to read them with frequent reference to uncle Google.

Maternal Chemical and Drug Intolerances: Potential Risk Factors for Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Negative affect is associated with development and persistence of chemical intolerance: a prospective population-based study.
This result could be because changes in affect are an early symptom, before the diagnosis is realized.

Reliable disease biomarkers characterizing and identifying electrohypersensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity as two etiopathogenic aspects of a unique pathological disorder.

Comparing non-specific physical symptoms in environmentally sensitive patients: prevalence, duration, functional status and illness behavior.

Metabolic and genetic screening of electromagnetic hypersensitive subjects as a feasible tool for diagnostics and intervention.

[Multiple chemical sensitivity: a diagnosis not to be missed].
Their comment that preventative measures don't stop worsening simply means that the clinicians involved weren't well trained in integrative medicine. The first step is always to stop foods typically capable of causing and increasing inflammation, such as wheat and dairy products.

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