If the headache was relieved by pressing on the temporal arteries, your migraine treatment can be to continue pressing.

This is hard on the fingers, so rotate between index, middle and ring fingers applying the pressure. Rest your chin on the heel of your hands while you do this, with your elbows on a table so that you don’t have to hold your arms up without support.

Pressing on your superrficial temporal artery

Keep the pressure up for 5 minutes.

This isn’t easy, but if you do the pain will not return immediately, giving your hands time to recover.

You may have to repeat the pressure a few times, but this is better than a blinding headache lasting all day.

The migraine attack will burn itself out, hopefully within an hour or so.


Using needles or laser acupuncture is a very effective migraine treatment. It can be used to prevent migraine and to treat acute attacks.

Two of the more important points are Large intestine 4 and liver 3.

acupuncture point Li 4 position

Li 4 is just under the edge of the second metacarpal bone, when you grasp it as shown. Move up and down the bone until you find a decidedly tender spot.

acupuncture point liver 3 position

Liv 3 is at the back end of the groove between the long metatarsal bones of your big toe and the next toe. Again here the spot is tender if it is related to your problems.

Magnesium and migraine treatment

Intravenous magnesium plus procaine, is an effective but expensive treatment for acute migraine attacks, and magnesium orally is used for prevention.

Food intolerance in migraine treatment

80% of adult migraine sufferers and two thirds of people with frequent headaches from any cause, have food intolerance as a factor causing headaches. This is discussed further in the section on sinus headache

In a recently published trial³, 30 patients (28 women) diagnosed with migraine without aura had IgG blood tests for food allergy, and compared their migraine on and off these foods.

They averaged allergy to 24 foods of the 266 tested.
In 6 weeks they averaged 3 fewer migraine attacks (9 to 6,) when avoiding these foods.

Cervical spine fixations

When people get about one migraine a year, I do not expect to find any cause I can usefully help with.

If someone suddenly starts to get migraines more frequently than before, the commonest reason I find is that they have put their neck out.

Detailed examination of one’s neck is not easy. I’ve written a course designed to teach this skill, and will make this available at some stage. Chiropractors or osteopaths are your best resource to diagnose and treat your neck, after a medical assessment.

The migraine - neck connection was shown in two studies...

In the first⁵, of 50 patients with migraine, 32 reported neck pain or stiffness associated with their migraine attack.

In another study⁶ of 144 migraine patients, neck pain occurred during the prodrome in 61%, the acute headache phase in 92% and the recovery phase in 41%.

Headache present every day, is not (just) migraine. The most migraine causes is about three attacks per week.

Coenzyme Q10

Along with magnesium and riboflavin, this is another nutrient of value in preventing migraine attacks.

1 to 3 mg. per kgm body weight per day, as a liquid gel formulation of CoQ10, was used in a study...

Hershey et al, in Headache (a scientific journal)  volume 47(number 1) 2007 PP. 73-80

Intranasal lignocaine

From published studies this is an effective treatment for what was termed migraine. I have no experience of this treatment, and suspect that the headaches studied, originated from pressure between the nasal septum and turbinates.

Peppermint oil roll on or spray

Very useful, very quick and convenient migraine treatment.

Feverfew plus ginger

A sublingual oil based feverfew plus ginger medication called LipiGesic M, helped pain in about 2/3rds, helped ease throbbing, nausea and sensitivity to noise, in a recent trial⁷.

Side effects were infrequent, nausea and numb mouth.

Botox injections may help "imploding" (constricting) migraines.

But not in "exploding" (bursting) headaches.

One trial¹ in 2006 found this, and a recent study² has confirmed it.

In the first trial, there was no difference between those responding and resistant to Botox, in frequency of migraine attacks, prevalence of medication overuse, symptoms such as aura, photophobia, dislike of noise, nausea, vomiting or throbbing.

Only the above descriptions of their pain, were different.

My guess is that the constricting headaches were primarily or predominantly due to muscles tension, hence responsive to paralyzing the muscles with botox - and the bursting headaches were primarily or predominantly vascular.

Daily headaches? - think muscle tension

From migraine treatment page to sinusitis page.

Migraine and the pill

Classical migraine has the vascular headache plus vomiting plus some neurological deficit (the aura)- visual disturbance, numbness, weakness or loss of balance.

The visual disturbance may be fortification spectra - zig zag bright lines, or scintillating scotomas - shimmering blobs obscuring a part of one's visual field.

This condition doesn't go well with the oral contraceptive pill. There is a slight risk of stroke - a case of the risk is low but the stakes are high.

It is now commonly accepted that, in migraine with aura, the use of combined oral contraceptives is always contraindicated, and that they must also be suspended in other migraine patients if aura symptoms appear.

Other risk factors (tobacco use, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity and diabetes) must be carefully considered when prescribing combined oral contraceptives in migraine without aura patients, in particular in women aged over 35 years.

Migraine medications

Drugs for migraine relief are mostly from the triptan class. I wouldn't be in a hurry to try the latest on the market, of any class of drugs. Let other people do the experimenting.
Most drugs have extra toxic effects which only show up when they are marketed and used by large numbers of people.
Clinical trials are done on relatively small numbers of people and for limited times.

Having said all that, some of the drugs have been around for many years and are obviously pretty safe. Pizotifen is one such, and if a woman only has migraines just before her periods, it can be used for a few days each month to cover the expected time.

Migraine surgery.

The arteries involved in someones migraine,can be identified and cauterized.

Dr. Elliott Shevel has years of experience of this treatment. One of his papers is reproduced at the migraine surgery page

Notes, references for migraine treatment

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