A very talented artists' work. I'm fortunate to have two of her wonderful coffee table books.

gypsy pennefeather's site

A really helpful software developer. I use his graphics converter.
The first link is the software packages, the second, testimonials.

hermetic solutions software

testimonials page

Another very talented artist of an entirely different ilk. I've just bought his wonderful book of cartoons and would recommend it to anyone (with or wishing to develop, a sense of humour.)

Tony Lopes Stoneytoons site

My garden blog

I'm a learner and often do things the hard way, an excellent way to learn. Making biochar from charcoal has finally been sorted. My first attempt was to lay it on the ground and use the mower with catcher. There was an instant black cloud and my charcoal blew over to the next door neighbour's garden.


Gene and Bernie Millen's heart coaching site.

It's never too late to start feelin' great!

There are lots of pictures of anatomy on this site, if you're needing to understand what some part of the body looks like.

The next site attempts to help you further your self diagnosis. If you use it, please don't go it alone - if at all possible, seek professional advice about your health.
It is NOT one of the 23 symptom checkers reported on 08 July 2015 at, to get the diagnosis right only a third of the time.

This is a wonderful information site - very extensive.

Homeopahy acts like a charm in some acute situations - symptoms can just go immediately. The tricky part is deciding which remedy to choose.

This site has a lot from Boericke's Materia Medica and a version of Kent's repertory. You will quickly see how difficult the decision is. It needs an expert.

abc homeopathy. com

This site has very good dissertation on the field of homeopathy.

homeo(pathy) info .com

This very good site is an all inclusive resource for rosacea.

Dr. Mercola's health newsletter has been going for many years, and you'll find articles on many problems, by searching it.

The Arthritis Research UK site is very good. This page is on complementary management of arthritis...

The Cochrane collaboration is an international volunteer group who look critically at medical issues, and publish reviews. It is a very comprehensive source of current best medical opinion. Go to access then access options, at...

Who can access info. from the Cochrane collaboration,

HerbMed is a very extensive and reliable herbal database.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has data sheets on 48 herbs currently...

The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation site has a comprehensive list of possible symptoms in this condition...

Another good Canadian site, for pregnancy information...

Any long term drug use is potentially dangerous, so to help you keep it safer, read carefully about your drugs.
DrugWatch is a good resource. For example, currently they are really hoping to spread the word about accutane and provide those affected by it with as much advocacy options as possible.


This first site is maintained by an Australian company and deals very well with the emotional side of coping with a cancer diagnosis. site

Alternative Cancer Treatments Tanya Harter Pierce

Healing Cancer Naturally site

Best answer for cancer site site

Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy

A very helpful reader at wrote "I thought I’d also pass along some additional resources that you might have missed. I hope they help other readers."
These are the links...

Financial Resources for Cancer Patients.

Assistance Speaking to Your Doctor about Treatment.

Looking Good with Cancer: Tips for Looking Your Best

Online Communities For Cancer Patients

Legal Resources for Cancer Patients



Dr. Peter Didaskalu Ballarat, Australia


What is advocacy?

Environmental Working Group

Vaccination information site


These sites have been recommended by readers...

Online psychologists

These are e-mails reprinted in full...

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