Diet help as part of weight loss plans for ideal body weight.

Generic diet help of any sort is for mythical (average overweight) people. Average people do not exist, or at least the chance of this happening is much less than of winning a lottery.

We have about 20,000 gene pairs¹ and they often join together in different combinations under different conditions to produce different results.

If you run to fat, you aren't providing your unique genome with suitable conditions for an ideal result.

Listen to as many ideas as you can, use your gut feeling and try things out. There is definitely no one answer.

One resource I'd consider is George Schauf's book "The Calorie Conspiracy."⁷

It's not just about our genes either.

We've about ten times as many bugs on our bowel² as cells in our entire body and the unique mix in our bowel affects many aspects of our chemistry.

Firmicutes bacteria include Bacillus, Clostridia, and Lactobacillus species. These Are very efficient at breaking down plant fibre polysaccharides

, producing sugars and short chain fatty acids.
These can then be absorbed by the gut and converted to fat in our liver.

These germs also secrete a compound that results in increased activity of lipoprotein lipase in our fat cells, increasing fat storage.

All very helpful in times of food scarcity.

Bacteroidetes bacteria include Bacteroides and Provetella species. These are not as efficient at breaking down fibre.

The balance of these two groups can significantly affect the accumulation of fat stores in the body. Both humans and experimental animals confirm this.

This is probably an aggravating factor rather than a cause of obesity, as if obese humans are put on low carbohydrate or low fat diets and lose weight, their microbial balance also changes in favor of the bacteroidetes group.

Other factors involved in being overweight.

Carbohydrate foods stimulating insulin secretion, can drive fat deposition which then increases appetite. The overeating may be a cause and/or an effect of obesity.

Maybe look at the paleo diet - free of refined carbohydrates.

Lack of physical exercise can likewise be a cause and/or an effect.

Dr. Leo Marvin's "baby steps"³ may be the way for you. Any aims should be doable. Be gently with yourself. Permanent weight loss is the only thing worthwhile.

Motivation to lose weight may be blocked by unconscious motivation towards being overweight. Common reasons for this are feeling unsafe (bigger is safer,) unloved etc.

Maybe do the heart issues finder at the healing codes site⁴.

Toxic substances from our metabolism and our environment, may be stored in our fat. In these polluted times, measures to aid detoxification are probably useful for most people.

Dr. Daniel Amen investigates brain structure and function with SPECT scans , and distinguishes five types of brain disorders which can lead to overeating

And in food choices

Specific food intolerances need to be sorted out and made allowance for.

Nicolette Dumke's book⁵ "Food Allergy and Gluten-Free Weight Loss" covers the theory well and is full of recipes.

Nutrient deficiencies often slow down metabolism, reducing the resting metabolic rate and resulting in tiredness and reduced activity.

Overconsumptive undernutrition doesn't have to be from a totally junk food diet, but it usually is from a diet of processed foods.

Adding one more processed food to your menu could help. Wonderful Dr. Bruce Ames and his research team have produced a snack bar for you, the CHORI bar. They developed this to raise money for their research and hope to have it available to buy, hopefully sooner rather than later. They put in things needed by mitochondrial function (so fuel burning) and were surprised to find it took people's appetite away - induced satiety.

Yo Yo dieting

"Weight cycling" is diet then relapse/regain, again and again.

This messes with your head and also your lean body mass - your muscles. It's really important to stop this cycle. It may be worse than just staying overweight.

A fortnight on the extreme no calorie diet loses twice as much muscle as fat⁶. One would have to do a lot of exercise to put that muscle back on, as otherwise ones resting metabolic rate would be reduced, encouraging more fat deposition.

The best way to avoid this is probably to start with your head, and dealing with the motivation side of things.

Lesley Kenton⁸ is a really good resource, having been there and done it for herself. She deals with the emotional side very well, for the same reason.

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