I have written this site in the hope that you will be able to assess yourself to some extent.

My aim is to help you avoid undue reliance on medications and to have a better outcome of whatever you're suffering.

The site is not set up to attempt to give you a personal consultation, so you really do need to see someone as well, even if you are pretty sure you know what is wrong.

Do this immediately. If there is something unsuspected, delay may affect your outcome.

I have to also say that a lot of the material is my personal opinions, so best not to rely exclusively on any of it.

It is based on what I have found to work in Australian general (family) practice, over 47 years.


If there is information on this site that you don't understand, please feel free to ask questions using the form below. Any comments would be appreciated also, even criticisms!

Look on the word index (glossary) page first, if it is an unknown word.


Any information you supply will be completely private. I will not share, lend nor sell your details.

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Consultations at Sebastopol rooms.

For people who are able to attend face to face initially, for a holistic approach to enhancing health / improving chronic illnesses, please use this contact form. Phoning my rooms will get the message that I do not take new patients. I have only limited time and can only take on people who are committed to doing what it takes in the way of diet and lifestyle changes.

My consulting rooms are in Sebastopol, Victoria, Australia.

The intention is to develop the capacity for internet-based virtual consultations.


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If you are interested in a home study course on examination of the spine, please send me your e-mail address by the contact form.