Obtaining compassionate medical care

Your search for compassionate medical care will depend on word-of-mouth recommendation. Try to assess the informant's state of mind, intelligence and the extent of their medical experience.

Dr. Richard Horowitz is the sort of doctor you are looking for. From his book "Why Can't I Get Better"...
"When I was finishing my medical training at the Free University of Brussels medical school, I asked my spiritual teacher to tell me what he believed was the most important component for the practice of medicine. He said: "It is the quality of compassion." When I asked what he meant, he said: "When you are building a house, you must have a proper foundation. Without a proper foundation, that house will not stand. The foundation which ensures that you will benefit yourself and others is loving kindness and compassion. Love is wanting other people to be happy. Compassion is the wish that other people be free from suffering. If you exchange yourself with others and do for them exactly that which you would want done for yourself, everything will go well."

Thousands of people with Lyme disease have been helped by this guy.

Intention matters

It's the same in everything. Be clear about what you want. If you use visualization, see it in your mind's eye all happening perfectly. If this feels too hard, examine your current expectations and what you feel you deserve (your self esteem,) in case this needs changing.

When the going gets tough...

Compassionate medical care often isn't conventional. The average medical intervention is aimed at relatively rapid relief of symptoms, often by means that risk worsening of the underlying condition or its replacement by another malfunction.

NSAID and PPI drugs are good examples of this, commonly leading to leaky gut and nutritional deficiencies.

Achieving long term benefits requires time and effort. An example of this is taking lipid supplements to repair the inner mitochondrial membrane and improve energy production. One has to get the lipids incorporated in the membrane and very likely wait for extra mitochondria to be produced in the cell (mitochondrial biogenesis.) "Rome wasn't built in a day."


At your first visit

From Moyez Jiwa...
"doctors, especially family physicians aka general practitioners, provide a relationship and not just a service. This is what we seek when we consult a doctor.

Their willingness to make eye contact, to listen actively, to pick up verbal and non-verbal cues, to be respectful and unwavering in the opinion that our perspective on our bodies and its functioning is what matters the most."

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