Your collicky baby - Why is it so?

I'm no Julius Sumner Miller, but I've fathered a collicky baby.

We didn't know what had hit us.

I hope this page may help you deal with your child's problem.

Most of what you read will tell you it is rarely due to food intolerance. I'd check it out first. One study I read put the figure at 70%

Everything a breastfeeding mum eats, drinks or puts on her body has to be suspect. Best to change the lot, substituting foods not ordinarily eaten, which should be safe.

Infant colic may settle rapidly, in a day or two. One then has the long task of reintroducing foods one at a time to see which are causes of colic (and possibly symptoms in you as well.)

Gripe water

A mixture of sugar, alcohol and bicarbonate of soda has been in use for ages.

Herbal remedies¹ include balm mint, chamomile, dill, fennel, ginger, licorice and vervain.

I'd try these before using any pharmaceuticals.


From Ho MH; Clinical Reviews In Allergy & Immunology 2014 Jun; Vol. 46 (3), pp. 225-40.
"Common presentations of food allergy in infancy including atopic eczema, infantile colic, and gastroesophageal reflux… The most common food allergies in children include milk, egg, soy, wheat, peanut, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish….The prevalence of food allergy in infancy is increasing and may affect up to 15-20 % of infants."
Severe infantile colic and food intolerance: a long-term prospective study. Iacono G et al, Journal Of Pediatric Gastroenterology And Nutrition, 1991 Apr; Vol. 12 (3), pp. 332-5
"To determine the relationship between infantile colic and cow's milk protein intolerance (CMPI) in formula-fed infants, 70 infants (38 male, 32 female) were selected, with mean age 30.2 +/- 21.4 days, with severe colic (duration of crying greater than 4 h per day for 5 days per week). In 50 of the infants in the study group (71.4%) there was a remission of symptoms when cow's milk protein (CMP) was eliminated from the diet. Two successive challenges caused the return of symptoms in all these 50 infants."

Intussusception - 2 months - 2 years

Sudden abdominal pain is always a worry. Here the infant has severe pains, goes pale with them and then is quite comfortable until the next pain. Sometimes they just go pale without obvious pain. They commonly vomit and if it goes on too long get diarrhoea as well.

This colic is caused by a swollen bit of bowel lining being dragged in as though it were a bit of food, then pulled along down the bowel. It needs urgent attention.

Crying babies are usually red in the face, but here pale instead.

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