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As in USA, so in Japan, have a hug.

Same strokes for different folks.
Heart disease, cognitive decline or any other unwanted health outcome - congenial company is protective.
Have another hug.

Chelation KOs antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Dr. Thomas Janossy was speaking on the "immune defense summit" currently free on line. You will be able to listen to him again at the end of the few days of the event.
This is a not-to-be-missed talk.
The article below is one of the gems from his lecture.

DIY stem cells

Hi People,
Dr Mercola has an article today on intermittent fasting benefits. Its not just about belly fat. The article has most of what Dr. Longo talks about in the condensed version of the interview.
This is excellent stuff for anyone.
And only 5 days a month!

The other side of the coin.

Have they been fudging the figures? It seems quite likely.
I'm all in favour of less waste and "planned obsolescence" so am happy with much being proposed to reduce human impact on climate. I'm distinctly unhappy when there is intellectual dishonesty pushing any agenda. Thanks to Francis Menton who is quite vocal on it.
What do you make of this?


Anyone with prostate cancer?

From Mike Adams at Natural News a story of synergy discovery.
The introduction in this paper is worth reading for anyone. It is the way ahead in medicine.

And a pretty safe vitamin.

Thanks to the Vitamin D Council from their latest newsletter.
The actual paper is well summarized in the article below. The single dose of equivalent to two bottles of usual capsules, caused no side effects.
"No measured vitamin D3 metabolite increased into a toxic range in any of the treatment groups throughout the study period. Furthermore, there were no instances of clinically significant hypercalcemia occurring in any of the treatment groups throughout the study period.

A not so safe pharmaceutical?

Admittedly an animal study, but where there's smoke...
In pregnancy, "when in doubt, nowt" is a good rule.

Lecture by Dietrich Klinghardt

Hi People,
If you can find the time in the next 24 hours, this is groundbreaking, breathtaking, whatever you like.
It's the next wave in chronic disease understanding, equivalent to the discovery of Helicobacter pylori in duodenal ulcer.
P.S. If you missed it, the details have been published in the American Journal of Immunology.

chronic lyme disease summit2

Three Ms with Heidi Hanna and Ari Whitten

There's more - Heidi gives five steps, padded out with a lot of uncommon sense.
It's good stuff.
I enjoyed it, hope you do too.

the energy blueprint

Yet again, re D and knees

From Amber Tovey, writing for the vitamin D council a lesson on RCT methodology. These people found no benefit of vitamin D supplementation overall (ref) until they looked at those who had consistent good blood levels from the supplementation.
This lesson hasn't always been heeded. A lot of the trials of "homocysteine lowering" supplements didn't measure this, only clinical outcomes (ref.)

D K combo adds up nicely

I don't know if it amounts to synergy, but vitamin K deserves more attention.
Certainly Jeff Bowles found it important in his experiment on himself.
Eat your leafy greens.

Chilling numbers on packeted junk food.

Have a look at her before and after
photos. Pretty impressive change in a pretty impressive person.
This is just one of the reasons for avoiding processed food from "conventional" (chemical) agriculture.

Standing Rock

This is stil an interesting read, re the Standing Rock protests. (From November 2016)

That Vitamin Movie free viewing.

I've just started watching and am quite impressed. Free viewing ends in "a couple of days" apparently. ps 21st January; you can still listen to first 30 minutes

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi memorial

Do you enjoy biographies? This man tells a pretty amazing tale.
He has also come up on pages 20 and 42 of
"Electromagnetism and Life" by Robert Becker and Andrew Marino which I'm thoroughly enjoying as well.
Happy reading.

Double-blind, placebo-controlled trials.

Our "gold standard" method is illustrated very well in this trial of a herbal extract in premenstrual syndrome.
Typical German Gründlichkeit, good to see and what to look for in any trial design.

Niki's blueprint for health.

Hi People, Up to page 15 of 58, very impressed and wanting to share. That's where I'm at, this Sunday morning.
She (the cat's mother) - that is Niki, has put together a very comprehensive guide for life change.
She calls it her "Starter kit for abundant energy."

Modern day hide and seek.

Reading on boron I remembered about the aerial spraying of trace elements which opened up the 90 Mile Desert in South Australia. I'd thought this included boron, but find it was copper, zinc and manganese.
In the process, discovering about Geocaching was a rather nice bonus.

From Francis Weller, via Kelly Brogan.

"Gratitude is the other hand of grief. It is the mature man and woman who welcomes both. To deny either reality is to slip into chronic depression or to live in denial of life’s difficult reality. Together they form a prayer that makes tangible the exquisite richness of life in this moment. Life is hard and filled with suffering. Life is also a most precious gift, a reason for continual celebration and appreciation. To everything, as the old prophet said, there is a season. This is the time of Thanksgiving.

Chemtrails and the lunatic fringe.

I've previously lumped these together, being a bit of a skeptic (or if you prefer, intellectual snob.)
Well maybe I've been wrong. Dane Wigington sounds quite level headed and claims he has facts to back up what he is saying (which I haven't verified yet.)
See what you think.

Tessa Jupp on L-carnitine

The Western Australian post-polio group's site. Use the easy index for carnitine. Tessa always gives valuable information.

Interested in contributing to research on nutrition?

If you use a smartphone, this is a really interesting application.
Most of us could smarten up on our eating habits. Keeping track of same is a first step.

Harnessing mind power.

From today
"Unlike the usual placebo-controlled study, these patients knew they were taking a placebo and were made to understand the “potentially powerful” placebo effect, say the researchers. On a 0-to-10 scale, the placebo group had a 1.5-point improvement in pain score, compared to no significant change for patients taking usual medications only. The placebo group also had a nearly three-point reduction in back pain-related disability score, compared to no change for the usual treatment group. Overall, open placebo treatment reduced initial pain and disability scores by around 30%, say the researchers.The usual treatment group had similar improvements after they started taking placebo pills. There were no adverse effects in either group."
There are lots of ways preferable to a pill to achieve this. One ritual to accept the powerful benefit is EFT tapping.

A valuable resource to bookmark

The first time I set eyes upon it and I've fallen in love!
Well anyway, I like it very much.
I hope you also find it useful.

Kelly Brogan waxing eloquent

Game changing for sure. The explosion of understanding about the vital importance of germs in our gut, has made me think twice before prescribing antibiotics.
The idea that plants directly tell our genes what to do really encourages eating right.
Even more good stuff.

Sit up straight now.

Dr. Elizabeth Broadbent is worth following. This study makes sense. No matter what storm is going on, "keep your chin up high" and you'll cope better.

Get on the turps.

My chiropractor has used Dr. Jennifer's protocol with very good effect on his medical problems.
That's my series of one anecdote. Not much evidence you correctly point out, but read on...
Old wisdom, rediscovered.

Of rats and fluoride, star fruit is king ?

The time has come, the blogger said (with thanks to Lewis Carroll) to talk of how to deal with fluoride.
Sayer Ji's GreenMedInfo today is on this subject. The study below has lots of good information.

Alexander Technique for neck pain

It's posture, posture, posture - so important. "Degenerative" disc disease and osteoarthritis on imaging certainly can't be blamed (see this study.)
This treatment is from our neck of the woods, Tasmania in Australia.

Drink coffee, live longer.

There will never be a double blind, placebo controlled trial to prove it, so the association is all we have to go on.
It works for me.

Germs score again. Checkmate?

From Dr. Mercola today, this story from China, soon to involve us all. The Lancet article is explained well in the BBC news transcript below.
We can all demand suppliers produce meats without antibiotic use. We can all ask our doctors to rotate antibiotics prescribed for us, to keep the germs guessing as much as possible. The best way to ensure this is to keep a list oneself of consecutive antibiotics we take, to show the doctor each time one is prescribed.

Responsibility breeds strength.

People in this trial randomized to be given an antibiotic prescription and told to use it later if needed, were more likely to stay at work during a respiratory infection. This was despite one and a half days more "severe" symptoms.
One could argue they should have been at home to avoid passing it on, but the strategy designed to reduce antibiotic resistance appears to have been empowering.

Light a little fire within.

A ritual for us, with love.
Years ago I'd just arrived at the Gurudev Siddha Peeth Ashram at Ganeshpuri in Maharashtra State, India. At a fire ceremony that evening, I was cynical about their reverence. A fire is just a fire.
Sitting in the dark with these condescending thoughts running through my mind, I was shocked to hear over the pa "James Rose, stand up and face the fire." Amongst a couple of hundred people there, Gurumayi had heard me. I got off lightly. I stood there listening to an Indian man being severely berated for his attending in the hope of financial gain.

(Attack on) Scientific thought in Oz

And that's not Dr. Oz nor even the "Land of Oz." It's my neck of the woods, Australia.
Professor Martin is right "on the money." Although he doesn't say so, he is also there in the sense of "follow the money."
People aren't allowed to criticize immunization nor say they can cure cancer with diet, lifestyle change and natural medicines. Big money has spoken.

American EPA neonicotinoid investigation.

Their summary includes...
"For all crops and application methods where on-field exposure, is expected, values exceeded risk levels of concern. Even in cases where on-field exposure was not expected, an off-field spray drift assessment was conducted and indicated that there could be risk for all foliar uses (depending on what crop is adjacent to the field, whether the crop is in bloom, whether the crop is pollinator attractive, etc). Additionally, a refined analysis was conducted using available measured residue data to supplant the modeled/screening-level estimates of exposure that were mentioned above. These refined values were compared to the hazard endpoints tabulated above. For all use patterns where residue data were available, LOCs were exceeded based on refined estimates of exposure."!documentDetail

Modern head shrinking, with head attached.

We imagine drug therapy only reversibly changes function but not so at all.
It obviously changes structure, as in this study. They have noted a lot of questions from their work, including whether the changes are related to bad clinical effects of opioids or not.
It is still a warning to not assume anything when using pharmaceuticals.

Still hammering away on immunization...

I've just listened again to one of my medical heroes, Dr. Andrew Wakefield.
Compliance with official immunization dictates has become virtually compulsory in my neck of the woods, if one wants schooling outside the home for one's children.
See the downloadable pdf at the right of the citation on this IMAJ page.
Domesticated herd animals, that's us.

And here's the positive message.

The Microbiome Medicine Summit on at the moment, is featuring Julie Matthews free to air for the next 15 hours as I write this.
If you've the time, she's worth it. Although focusing on children with ADHD and autism, her rundown on different diets is valuable for anyone with health problems.

Formal training for you?

This looks good.
Whether for a career change or for personal growth, structured training is one way to do it with fewer gaps.
Perhaps check this out?
ps: Deepak Chopra is on the microbiome medicine summit today.

From Dr. Jim, the binge blogger - on plum juice.

One of my patients just sent me this link.
Good Aussie Stuff - like Mad Max.

Don't blindly trust us Docs

A very interesting commentary on conflict of interest in those setting guidelines for the rest of us to follow.
Lots of well meaning medical practitioners are unaware, so you need to be more aware yourself and keep on questioning advice. If a doctor isn't prepared to go into pros and cons, do your own "due diligence." We doctors definitely do not have all the answers.

Nor the research papers they publish.

Thank you Mike Adams, for this piece from the editor-in-chief of the Lancet.
This makes organizations like the Cochrane Collaboration so important, to examine the studies carefully and publish summaries one can trust more.

Pedram Shojai live now

Hi People,
This guy on the current "diabetes summit" is wonderful.
If you've the time in the next few hours, his interview is worth giving top priority to.
If reading this later, go to his websites and have a look.
Amazing guy, worth getting involved.
Best wishes
Jim Rose

Saturated fat study deliberately not published.

From the discussion in this paper...
"Though the MCE intervention effectively lowered serum cholesterol in all prespecified subgroups, there was no clinical benefit in any group. Paradoxically, MCE participants who had greater reduction in serum cholesterol had a higher rather than a lower risk of death."
For better health, eat more good fats (like avocado and olive) and less refined carbohydrates.

Dr Ralph La Guardia speaking now

A man after my own heart, into integrative medicine, gardening and Permaculture. The advice he is giving is applicable right now, not just after collapse of our current society.
Free right now and worth the time +++.
Best wishes.
I'll get back to listening to him.

This was on the 20th of May, but you can still look at his stuff on his website

Nutrition for our brain. A landmark study.

From Medscape today
"A dietary supplement containing ingredients commonly found in health food stores appears to prevent the decline in brain structure and function typically seen in Alzheimer's disease, the results of an animal study indicate".
Dr.Jennifer Lemon, PhD from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario is quoted as saying
"Our criteria for including things in the supplement were mainly that there was scientific evidence to show that they worked on a particular mechanism. It didn't have to be that it had a great whole-body effect, because most individual supplements don't," she said. "That is typically because our cells are working in such a complex way that we have many mechanisms that are occurring simultaneously, and when something's going wrong, it's usually knocking everything out of balance."

A real beaut germ, by golly.

Aint nature wonderful. I never cease to be amazed by such stuff.
I often advise people to have an electrical connection with the earth. Apparently riboflavin was originally called vitamin G, but more recently this term has been applied to gratitude and electrical grounding or "earthing."
Here's another reason to get your hands in the dirt and grow things. The-scientific-reasons-that-gardeners-are-nicer-than-other-people

Alarming brain drain from poor nutrition.

These young people with obesity and type 2 diabetes had 8% less grey matter volume (cells) in their brains. Their average body mass index compared to the control patients was 37 vs 24.
They are the yellow canaries telling us we all should lift our game.
Eat cleaner, better quality food, now!

Upcoming course about this at the other end of life.

If you're having to face this in a relative or friend, and have the time, this may be for you.
I expect it will be very good, but by the look of the faculty, not into anything alternative.
Maybe for a friend?

Back to germs and an "aha moment" for me.

Reading a recent abstract was an eye opener for me.
I had always wondered why germs try to attach to surface cells. It is obviously important, explaining the value of D-Mannose for urine infections and the mucous layer covering the brush border of our small intestine.
I hadn't realized the germs actually inject poisons into our cells.

S.T.O.P. in your tracks for maybe 30 seconds.

Urban Monk suggests breaking for exercise five minutes every half hour.
In this quick little practice notice noises, smells, emotions, physical sensations such as the temperature or tension.
It's analogous to using woody plants in cropping systems on farms, which give back more than the space they take up.
All good stuff.

I like oranges (sung to tune of "I like traffic lights.")

Throw away your dumbbells, carefully. This work may not get replicated, but hopefully someone will take up the challenge.
Why suppress your valuable cholesterol when you could prevent it becoming oxidized and dangerous? Vitamins C plus E can do just that.
This study is on another benefit of C.

Needs repeating, but wow - dramatic stuff !

Just 12 weeks of adequate supply of one nutrient, and clear benefit years later. Just imagine the likely benefit of fully adequate nutrition over all those years.
Abram Hoffer and Alexander Schauss would be pleased.

Gorgeous! Another good read.

This time on human frailty.
From Mike Adams Natural News today, about "experts" (see overstating their knowledge.
I repeat, be always on the lookout for nonsense. There's a lot of it out there.

Whistleblower's story - a good read.

Put your head up and a sniper may get you, in academia as in wartime. Full marks to this young man.
For the rest of us, we need to be always on the lookout for nonsense and be prepared to ask for help when we don't "get" something.

Hg Watergate at the USA HHS

Mark Richardson, lecturing in Australia, told us he was convinced enough after completing his landmark study for Health Canada, to have his own dental amalgam fillings replaced. I did likewise.
Caries is largely preventable, judging from it's history. Prevention is cheap. Dentist treatment is not, even using mercury fillings.

You probably won't see this on Quackwatch.

Pardon my cynicism. Controls in experiments have to be genuine controls, free of whatever is being tested in the treatment group. I wonder how many rodents have been sacrificed for no purpose other than muddy scientific waters.

And yet again, but with a happy ending.

Natural disaster stress mitigation by nutrient supplementation, works (not surprisingly.)
I'd expect the same to be true of any acute severe man-made stress as well
The New Zealand trial was in people with ADHD.

More sombre stuff

Our "chemical soup" is finally being investigated for cancer risk. There's a good read in Scientific American, as well.
This concept is not new, having been proven for the xenoestrogens probably responsible for the increase in precocious puberty and other hormonal disturbances.

And another famous Englishman

Holiday reading this time, another attempt on "...and the truth shall set you free," by David Icke. It's sombre stuff mostly, so this time I've skipped to the end.
After documenting the horrific way the world is being run, this is where he shows us the way forward. To quote a little...

"We cannot be free until in our minds and our hearts we allow others to be free. The idea that we are mentally and spiritually free because we are following what we believe to be right is an illusion. We are only free when we are as determined that others should be able to do the same. The suppression of one human being or animal is the suppression of all of us....

When people begin to soften their inflexible thoughts and responses, the influence the daily programming has on them is diffused also. They begin to see the subtleties of mind manipulation in a way a rigid mind cannot. This mental switch is open to everyone, no matter how unyielding their minds might be now. It can happen in an instant, once you decide you want it to happen."

Love and light.

Dr Richard Mackarness again.

On holiday, listening to Dr Keith Scott-Mumby interviewed on Coast to Coast AM some years ago, about "the biggest aha of his life."
He had just read "Not All In the Mind," put a patient with severe asthma on an allergy elimination diet and witnessed a complete cure in one week. This changed his medical career exactly as a similar experience changed mine.
His website is good value. The page on molecular hydrogen is cutting edge stuff.

A newly discovered brain drain.

At least 10% of the cells in our brain belong to the immune system, and now lymph channels have been found as well.
Authors like William Philpott and Richard Mackarness showed the strong link between allergy and psychiatric illness. In anyone with chronic emotional (or bodily) ill health, a good first step to unravelling the causes is an allergy elimination diet.
Our behaviour depends (partly) on what we eat.

A genuinely healthy snack bar!

They proved it, too. The bar was formulated to support mitochondrial function and was found to satiate people. Now it has been shown to improve metabolism in some people.
It appears our body has a shopping list of nutrients and will encourage us to keep eating in the hope of supplying same.
See also and

Aussies on overdiagnosis

I guess everyone feels the same. Overenthusiastic diagnosis then unnecessary treatment have a long history in medicine. Children didn't all need their tonsils removed. These days elderly people don't all need to be on a statin drug.

"From time to time, doctors who specialise in a particular disease will come together to discuss the characteristics of that disease, to decide who should be diagnosed with it and who requires treatment for it.
A recent study found on average, roughly three-quarters of doctors on these panels had financial ties with the pharmaceutical companies selling medicines for the same diseases."

Follow the money.

Pregnant and smoking? Maybe help from vitamin C.

Put a set number of cigarettes in a packet, just short of your current use. It shouldn't be too hard to spin them out over the day, and every day can strengthen your resolve to smoke less.
It may help to put that packet in a different place each day, somewhere you have to consciously go to for a cigarette. Otherwise you may pick them up out of habit, without thinking about it.
Dr. Archie Kalokerinos recommended gradually building up the dose of vitamin C even up to 20gm per day at the end of the pregnancy, which he regarded as a "relatively safe dose." He was definitely a vitamin C enthusiast, but he did work in clinical medicine and would have seen the results.
There is a good dissertation on vitamin C's safety re. miscarriage at

Friends or family with land? A honeybee home?

Some months ago, bees started up in a polystyrene box in our yard. A local beekeeper brought them a proper home and everyone will benefit.
Anyone with enough land to host a hive, will be helping two seriously endangered species, honeybees and us.

A friend I've never met.

I've just been listening at the 2015 Food Revolution Summit to some wonderful people intent on changing our food system.
You can do it yourself, perhaps by emulating these guys in your own neck of the woods. We've planned to catch up for ages, just too busy. Their system looks workable and replicable.

Microbiome madness?

"..the present results indicate, for the first time, that probiotics intervention can influence cognitive mechanisms that are known to determine vulnerability to mood disorders."

I've always assumed that poor food, nutritional deficiency, poor brain function was the common order of things. It appears that poor food, dysbiosis, brian dysfunction is another important sequence.

Acetaminophen (paracetamol) breaking news

I've lots of patients who have told me this helps them sleep. It's actually not a great pain medication and now this evidence has surfaced that it may take away some of the pleasure of life as well.
Perhaps it ought to be reclassified as a psychotrophic medication.
And stick to a hot water bottle for the sore knee.

Another nail in the calcium coffin

The Women's Health Initiative trial showed that treating 1000 people with calcium for 5 years caused 4 heart attacks, 4 strokes, and 2 deaths, all to prevent 3 fractures. Not a great score card.
Now it is has been found associated with (possibly causing) macular degeneration.
Magnesium and vitamin K are well worth looking into for bone health.

Back to the stem cells and "bad luck."

This 54 minute lecture is technical but well worth the effort. Thomas Seyfried has a very important message and puts it across clearly.
Tissues which replicate more presumably have more capacity for going wrong apart from genetic mishaps.

A bit of blatant advertising

Michael King has finally started to publish his research on Ned Kelly.
He was living in Finland when a 4 part mini-series appeared on this story, with Finnish subtitles. As it was in English he watched it. He rapidly realized that the official story was full of holes, and his inquiring mind was interested. Years of careful research later, here is the result. He is as certain as an historian can be about anything, that Ned Kelly was not the man hung in his place.
I'm one of friends who pestered him to publish. I just spent the last 2 hours looking at eyebrows and ear tragi on pictures of Ned, confirming they were of two different people.

Sombrero magic

Can't get 6 hours at night? Try for a couple of half-hour naps in the day. It worked for these test subjects, even hitched up in a sleep lab.
How much better in the sun under a sombrero?

Much more on vitamin D and infection

Prof Trevor Marshall's ideas are new to me, but are quite plausible and and worthy of consideration. Judy Mikovits likewise is worth listening to, even though the scientific community seems uninpressed. She estimates that 15% of the human genome is of retroviral origin.

Wait for randomized controlled trials?

These authors have just presented another larger study of association between vitamin D levels and better cancer outcome.
Vitamin D may just be an indicator of general health level, rather than directly involved itself.
Thus goes the counter argument. Maybe, but why not ensure one has a good level just in case.

How healthy are one's stem cells?

They more often they divide, the more cancer. Is it just "bad luck" when this process throws up a spanner for our works? I suspect there's an "elephant in the room" these guys haven't noticed.
Toxins and nutrient deficiencies surely must impact on the delicate process of DNA replication.
Postscript: Excellent discussion f this paper at

Good news, but with a caution.

Wonderful news actually. Very smart technology ( and We may not be heading into a "post antibiotic era" very soon, after all.
Given time and the current level of misuse of antibiotics, the germs will still get the upper hand in the end.
Keep a sequential list of antibiotics you take and ask your doctors to rotate them by class. This will help avoid you carrying resistant bacteria.

$2 book looks good value

I'm sold already but I think anyone would agree. This is additional to their free on line design course mentioned in an earlier blog.
ps: It was indeed, but now it is $25, and by the look of it, much the same material is at
Design for survival.

Moo cow song is a load of bull

Sad to say, it's worse, at least in Sweden.
Admittedly an association study, but with a progressive mortality risk for increasing intake. My guess is that homogenization is partly to blame. I'm fortunate to get mine straight from the cow.

"And Now For Something Completely Different."

Google that! A couple of guys with too much time on their hands have tried to prove nonsense is dangerous. How many comedians does it take to keep the entire United Kingdom laughing for 54 years? I'll bet you it is more than 53. This is a beautiful example of "cherry picking" to support a dubious proposition.

In Memoriam of Florence Eleanor R

Shredding old paper records, came across her charts. A delightful woman who probably set an Australian record. She was born in 1899 and lived her 103 years out, all under the one roof.
The reference below is to something entirely different. Write down the IP address

Diabetes? Here's expert opinion on diets.

Good fats are OK when carbohydrate intake is low. The original work which supposedly showed saturated fats to be dangerous, was seriously incomplete. There is an excellent paper on this at
Two long reads, both very good.

Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course

Another offering from Mike Adams, the "Health Ranger," on measures we hopefully will never need to implement. Blissful ignorance is no longer an option, and the mainstream media can't be trusted, so it's worth looking elswhere.
One valuable preparation is to develop our trust in ourselves, in our inner strength. We are all without exception, divine beings.
Soham ("Sow" as inspire, "Hum" as expire)

Walking tall

In "You’ll Never Walk Alone" Oscar Hammerstein's says "Hold your head up high." I really love that song.
Here the adoption of a posture affected cognition. Similarly, Alexander and Feldenkrais methods can produce marked changes in our mental state.
My yoga teacher would say to increase the distance between upper back and head, elongating ones' neck.

Aussie Aussie Aussie - how about this girl!

Pretty impressive 17 year old Melbourne schoolgirl.
Pretty impressive idea and motivation.

Bias heaped on bias. Follow the money.

Influenza drugs are big business. Do they work? Probably not worth taking.
It depends on who you read, which in turn obviously depends on who "paid the piper." See the figures under results, in the abstract. Apparently none of the authors of the 7 Cochrane reviews included in this 26, had any conflict of interest stated.
Cochrane reviews are generally on the level.

Saving our brains

These people have achieved improvement in dementia using the same methods as Dr. Terry Wahls recovered from her multiple sclerosis with.
Faced with any nasty medical diagnosis, there is plenty of reason for optimism, but you have to be prepared to do whatever it takes.
No half measures.

Wake up citizens of the world.

(This was)Gerald Celente talking very straight. The urgency of our global situation (still) is dire +++
This talk was up free for another day. If you couldn't check it out, look at his website It's really important. He calls for us to develop our self respect, dignity, courage and passion - then act accordingly.

Good on you, Health Ranger

Mike Adams has provided a very valuable free gift in this course to improve your brain function.
I've listened to the 11 short talks. dealing mostly with chemical elements influencing us, for better and for worse.
It's useful information, worth the listen.

Ronnie Cummins talking a whole lot of sense

You don't even have to own any dirt. Masanobu Fukuoka used the Johnny Appleseed approach of just planting stuff. He would just throw vegetable seeds on any unused land.
There was probably a climate change march near you on this day 21st September 2014. The New York march took up 80 city blocks. Ours was in Castlemaine, Victoria - one of many in this global event.

No calories, still toxic, via our microbiome.

Aspartame, sucralose and saccharin altered the gut germs in mouse experiments, giving the mice high blood sugars. Of 7 healthy humans, 4 got this impaired glucose tolerance from 6 days on saccharin and their germs also then gave the same to germ free mice.
The mice even got higher blood sugars than control mice given sugar to drink.
It turns out this is not the way to help prevent diabetes.

Taking a second look.

Mostly some of the original authors were doing the re-analyses (31 of 36.)They came to importantly different conclusions in one third of the studies.
Medical research isn't easy and the slavish adherence to "evidence based medicine" sits on a very wobbly base.
Give a lot of credence to traditional medicine of any type. It has mostly been through the wringer enough to iron out many kinks.

Orthopaedic mythology "busted."

A lot of pain felt in the knee isn't coming from the knee, but from muscles further up the limb. Even pain coming from the knee, is often aggravated by mechanical disturbance elsewhere, especially the foot. This is all reflected in the poor results of knee surgery, even if one has a torn cartilage there.
See referred knee pain page of this site.

Breast cancer treatment with vitamin C

If you read Quackwatch on the subject, it's included in "questionable" therapies to be condemned. However, here's evidence.
One very useful way to include vitamin C in conventional breast cancer treatment, is the same as using folinic acid after one's weekly dose of methotrexate for rheumatoid disease. If ones' cytotoxic therapy is given intermittently, it can be followed by a large dose of vitamin C once it has had a chance to do its thing.

Here's the smoke. Is there a fire?

Four cases prove nothing, but the precautionary principle makes a whole lot of sense to me.
There are lots of other studies summarized at
If you keep it in a pocket, perhaps regularly swap pockets.

Organic food differences.

More goodies, less baddies (with apologies to Tim Brooke-Taylor et al.)
From one of "two recent reviews (that) concluded that there are no differences,"

"Two studies reported significantly lower urinary pesticide levels among children consuming organic versus conventional diets... The risk for contamination with detectable pesticide residues was lower among organic than conventional produce... The risk for isolating bacteria resistant to 3 or more antibiotics was higher in conventional than in organic chicken and pork."

You really do need to look at the fine print.

Doing Time Doing Vipassana

A moving experiment in a tough place. It's worth watching if possible. Divinity in an outwardly hellish jail, when an inspired governor introduced this meditation practice to warders initially and eventually to large numbers of prisoners.

How to make miracles.

My holiday reading "Three Magic Words" by U.S. Anderson. It's an old book on this subject, been sitting on my shelves for years and quite wonderful. It is very good to see research into this and Dr. Kelly Turner's 10 points are great.
The last point about nothing being impossible is the most crucial. A modern day teacher on this subject is Steven Frayne, Magician Dynamo.

Off your butt to share ideas.

Standing room only think tanks may work better. I would like to see experiments where initially lights were out and participants were instructed to keep moving around very slowly in the dark as they quietly thought about the subject being developed.
We all have access to tremendous creativity, every one of us.

Groundbreaking atherosclerosis research.

Germs in arterial plaque, growing there and possibly able to contribute to unstable plaque rupture.
Pretty serious stuff. Shows how important a healthy immune system is, to keep our little neighbours and free loaders in control.
That means "diet and lifestyle" needless to say.

Wonderful - T Colin Campbell waxing lyrical

This guy's amazingly astute.
This needs more superlatives. It's the best general rant on dietary fat I've ever read.

Testosterone protective in prostate cancer?

Active surveillance of men who might never need treatment, showed higher free testosterone is associated with better outcomes short term.
Cause or coincidence, that is the question.
It is an analogous situation to the Nurses' Health Study versus the Women's Health Initiative. The better outcomes shown in the first (observational) study were proven not to be due to the HRT, in the second (randomized, placebo controlled) trial.
Perhaps fitter men had higher free testosterone.

Restricting phone to ear time prudent.

We'll never get absolute proof, so better to take precautions now. I personally would not allow children to have long conversations on mobile phones.
This study has similar results to one in 2011 at
"Progress" at a price.

Need a little zinc?

Almost certainly yes, if you have any dental mercury amalgam in your teeth. Some areas of the world have zinc deficient soils (see for map.) Food processing removes zinc. It's a very important micronutrient, at all ages.

I'm looking for help on this.

More science that's beyond me, on a very important subject. It would be wonderful to have someone in the know evaluate and explain. My experience suggests homeopathy is valuable and if the science is there I'd be delighted to help spread the word.
Do you know anyone who could help?

EMF from FM radio and the big C

Must confess the statistics are beyond me, but these guys seem to know what they are talking about.
The messages I took out of it are no inner spring mattress, less sunscreens and more anti-oxidant protection.
I like their approach to problem solving.

A genuine golden bullet.

Egg on my face, again! Despite the last blog post, enormous doses of vitamin C are a definite exception. People with glandular fever or influenza have symptoms improved even while getting intravenous vitamin C 7.5gm. I always have it ready in the refrigerator at my surgery(office.)
It's wonderful to see these brave academics studying it properly. They are to be congratulated.

A "golden (vitamin) bullet"?

Misconstrued thinking of nutrients as potential drugs and administering them in isolation, just don't go well.
Betacarotene and now vitamin D as single agents, have been useless or worse. Our metabolism is a vast network with multiple interactions at every point. A large amount of anything is likely to become toxic

Medical science - hype and worse, exposed

Thank you Sam Wilson, for this labour of love. It's a very valuable resource to check whenever one "smells a rat" and suspects one is getting "mushroom treatment" regarding medical information.
Worth bookmarking.

For our post-antibiotic future.

Humanity squanders resources. Australian and New Zealand megafauna, tropical rainforests, antibiotics - you name it.
Bacteriophages will very likely be used a lot more in the future, so this is a heads up. See also
Interesting reading.

Ditto agriculture.

It's not only important for agricultural workers, either. Half way down this story it is pointed out it affects everybody.
Enlightened consumers needed desperately, and vocal too.

Industry's anti-kids bias

Industry really doesn't care, so parents have to do their own homework. You can't trust the government health authorities either, as evidenced by widespread enforced water fluoridation etc etc etc.
Go as natural as possible, in everything.

Kids gender bias

Tough decisions for women when they decide to have children, to modify lifestyle or go back to work.
This study says that mothering (not necessarily just length of breastfeeding) benefits their minds (mum's and kid's actually.)
Grandkids are pretty good too.

Lesson in cooperation

Antioxidants work by becoming oxidized then being recycled to their reduced state. Vitamin E is recycled by vitamin C, which in turn is recycled by glutathione (which step requires selenium.)
A large dose of vitamin E, not recycled because of selenium deficiency, remains oxidized and is then a pro-oxidant.
Damage inevitable rather than unexpected.

Beneficial germs - not just in our guts

Another reason to save antibiotics for when really needed to protect life and limb.
Prevention of cervical cancer also involves food. Foliage is good. Eat your greens. See
Better than HPV immunization?

Wonderful world of water.

I've not met Stephen Pollitt, but see what you think. Sounds excellent to me. One of my patients directed me to Source Energy, based on their good experience.
In line with Schauberger's ideas about pristine (hexagonal?) water.
Water ain't water (apologies to Castrol GTX - google with ain't)

GMO soybeans are different

From GreenMedInfo yesterday, analysis results of organic, conventional and GMO soybeans, show lots of differences.
Want herbicides? Eat GMOs.

Know anyone with ADHD?

They are one of the "yellow canaries" of our world, showing us here that ordinary western diets are inadequate for optimum functioning.
When looking for a multivitamin and mineral supplement, one approach is to find one with a large number of ingredients, to cover all the bases.
Then look for gluten free etc.

Twin diet experiment

The second bottom paragraph is the bottom line.
The average middle ground is the problem, but both extremes were unpalatable. You have to be in for the long haul to benefit, so any diet has to be easy to take.
Go Mediterranean.

Our magnificance.

Every last one of us, whether we know it or not, whether we manifest it or not, whatever.
Competing for time on my wife's Kindle at the moment, reading Dying To Be Me. It is improving my attitude enormously.
There's a snippet under first pages at amazon, to to whet your appetite.
4th January 2015 update. My wife got me my own kindle for a birthday present, and I'm now reading the same book again. It is a very inspiring book, worth reading repeatedly.


Thank you Dr. Kelly Brogan for this reference. Another word, another important link in understanding.
Feed your germs well.

A gift for a gardener

This link is to a pack of cards, each of one permaculture design principle. It's a large pdf, but you can look at the first few while it continues, to see if you are interested.
I think it would make a beautiful and inspiring gift.

Infant vaccine downside - death!

See for the original article.
Dr. Archie Kalokerinos found that Australian aboriginal children fared worse if given routine childhood immunizations, partly as they were short of vitamin C.
The African experience is the same.
Something which increases mortality in undernourished children, may not be good for well nourished children in wealthy countries either.
Dr. Andrew Wakefield was probably quite right in his concerns.

Free online Permaculture course

Marvelous offer. Permaculture principles are spot on, applicable to any size garden, farm or region. Sustainable systems for our planet home and our species.
Good value whether or not you can personally implement them.

A plug for some good friends at S.A.F.E.

From their October newsletter...

"SAFE's contribution to the global effort is to produce eco-friendly dietary supplements and foods that provide the live nutrients often lacking in a conventional diet. These are complemented by natural personal care products and an environmentally friendly cleaning range for use around the home. SAFE also offers organic fertilizers, giving farmers and gardeners viable methods for moving towards greener agriculture, creating a more sustainable future for earth and mankind."

Where exactly is your chest pain?

It doesn't seem to matter.
Remember the old adage, "Common things occur commonly." They also commonly occur together, particularly crook backs and coronary artery disease. Ischaemic heart disease is dangerous and unpredictable. It needs to be thought of first, and checked out carefully. Then hiatus hernia or thoracic spine facet joint dysfunction can be considered.
Play it safe.

Intravenous EDTA chelation OK

Vilified by the cardiology establishment because it would have distracted attention from plumbing operations on coronary arteries, and more recently because it might compete with cholesterol lowering medication, it has finally been tested.
They found it effective.

Evidenced Based Medicine sounds good.

That is, until you see how shaky the evidence is. Publication bias is usually caused by failure to publish negative results of treatments, leaving the published results looking better.
Listen to and ensure you understand, advice from your health professional. If it is not urgent, go away and calmly consider your options. Consider getting second or even third opinions. Go on your own intuition.

Vitamin A valuable

"1000 IU/day vitamin D3 did not significantly reduce the incidence or duration of URTI in adults" ( September 6th.)
The old fashioned cod liver oil also had vitamin A, which can help, as in the following...

Conversations face to face are safer.

This work needs to be repeated, but adds to the growing concern over mobile phone use (apparently as little as 16 minutes a day.)
Land lines, even if cordless, are also safer.

To drug or not to drug, is that the question?

Is it black and white, or do drugs have a place in long term illness management?
It is highly unlikely that any drug will be needed every day, or in the same dose every time it is needed. Our chemistry / drug needs vary from day to day with diet, weather, activities and stress, etc. I encourage people to learn to use their intuition, gut feelings, dowsing or kinesiology to chose food, drugs and doses.

Histamine in migraine - a new approach. and now Medscape, have run this story. The study has just been presented at the XXI World Congress of Neurology on September 22.
87% of their migraine group had lowered ability to detoxify histamine, compared to 25% of the general population. Supplementing with the deficient diamine oxidase enzyme, reduced triptan use by 20%.

Serious antibiotic business

From Medscape today...

"The scientific evidence connecting food to infectious diseases is unequivocal. There is no question that resistance to bacteria in food animals contributes to the pool of resistance and ends up causing infections in humans....We need to stop the use of antibiotics to promote growth in food-producing animals"...

The latter apparently accounts for 80% of antibiotic use in USA. This needs public action.

Ergothioneine sounds useful

New to me, obviously hot property as a potential supplement.
Another good reason for eating organically grown food. This substance is made by fungi in healthy soil, and passes up the food chain to end up as an antioxidant in our cell membranes.

Black holes in the evidence base.

Here's a useful list of medications you may use for migraine prevention. So far so good.
However note under "limitations" and "conclusions" the refreshing comments about unpublished trials and the length of the studies. Lots of drug based medicine relies such biased and limited information.
Safer to make pharmaceuticals (along with surgery) a last choice after correcting the causes of problems.

About survival of humanity.

It's a rainy afternoon in Ballarat, so I watched a 45min video by John D, Liu, at
Very inspirational, about greening deserts.

Taller better?

The effect discussed below is a small one, but may indicate a link to weaker metabolism and so more cancer.
The great Dr. Carl Pfeiffer wrote "Inasmuch as excess molybdenum decreases growth in all species studied, molybdenum levels should particularly be investigated in teen-agers with run-away bone growth at the expense of their physical and psychic health." (p121 Updated Fact Book on Zinc and Other Micro-Nutrients)
He obviously suspected low molybdenum increased growth pathologically. Just another reason for ensuring good nutrition for our children.

Allergic parents probiotic prophylaxis.

For prevention of childhood eczema, that is. This latest trial is in line with a 2008 meta-analysis ( showing a substantial protective effect of probiotic taken in pregnancy and infancy.
Kiwis at it again.

A note from Rachael, November 4th 2013

Pretty wonderful.
Rachael provided another example of grassroots people power, like
Eternal vigilance AND a lot of action, when corporate madness is concerned.

Gluten autism linked

Andrew Wakefield was pilloried for questioning official immunization policy. His work was anecdotal, easily attacked. The observations he made about the IBD autism link are here being validated, so maybe he was right about the MMR vaccine as well. Search wakefield in for his interview.

Food addiction - my favorite

Unfortunately true. What Bill Rea from and the clinical ecologists have been saying for many years, now demonstrated with modern technology.
People with reactive hypoglycaemia have been the yellow canaries, pointing to refined carbs as really very seriously damaging foods.
Important for everyone.

Infectious mononucleosis - glandular fever

Medscape today had a review of management if IM, with not a mention of vitamin C. The review below is a current statement of medical opinion.
Intravenous vitamin C relieves the sore throat while the injection is being given. It is that dramatic!
IM can be very mild, but if it is not, find a physician who uses iv vitamin C ASAP.

Comprehensive damnation of fluoridation.

Plenty of reasons, as if the third wasn't enough.
The abstract of the Brunelle/Carlos study sounds very positive (,) but "18% reduction" is just 0.6 of one surface out of 128 per child's mouth before wisdom teeth erupt.
Hype ++, little substance.

New apps for your smart phone.

Ashwin Ram has great ideas. His website is very interesting, as is the app they are developing to help people stay enthusiastic about healthy lifestyle.

Glyphosate again - this time re breast cancer.

This applies to the 75 to 80% of breast cancers which are oestrogen receptor positive.
Apologies for three blogs in a day. Just pick what interests you.

A first in GMO tests - in "real world" porkers

To their knowledge, "this is the first study of its kind conducted." Pigs reared and slaughtered as in normal farms, comparing ordinary and non-GMO feeding over their normal lifespan.
They grew the same and looked the same, until you got down to the details. Their stomach linings did not look the same.
Eating insecticides and herbicides isn't good good for pigs, nor humans.

Black holes in the evidence base.

Here's a useful list of medications you may use for migraine prevention. So far so good.
However note under "limitations" and "conclusions" the refreshing comments about unpublished trials and the length of the studies. Lots of drug based medicine relies such biased and limited information.
Safer to make pharmaceuticals (along with surgery) a last choice after correcting the causes of problems.

Another addendum - insect cuisine

Haute cuisine at that - or maybe feed the insects to your pet hen and enjoy the eggs.
If considering a pet hen, also consider having a rare breed. There are lots of beautiful breeds of chickens.

Addendum - more on dementia prevention

Old information, sadly neglected. Modern research is mostly geared towards finding targets for prospective patentable drugs.
I just stumbled upon this article, when looking up a reference in my notes from his lecture on the same subject in 1984!

Avoiding dementia

Stacks of research going on, but don't wait for the results. Whether or not one decides to investigate one's genes, give them the very best nutrition you can, now.
Cees Van Tiggelen, in the Australasian Journal on Ageing in 1984, reported low vitamin B 12 in the cerebrospinal fluid of Alzheimer and alcoholic dementia (see
He suspected that a high copper to zinc ratio in the body, had impaired vitamin B 12 transport at their blood brain barrier. This is one place to start working on your metabolism.

Wonderful interchange between Mike Adams and Stuart Wilde

Both amazing guys, talking about amazing stuff. It's an hour-long video, but well worth it if possible.
Stuart talks about Ayahuasca, DMT and spiritual enlightenment (and incidentally as an instant cure for depression.)
Thank you Marshall Lever and Old Chinese (who taught Stuart and subsequently many souls including me.)

Saturated fat exoneration again.

Very simply put, and gently too. I'd add "The focus on dietary and pharmaceutical manipulation of serum cholesterol..."
The statin drugs are useful, but very likely not because they lower cholesterol but from their other "pleiotropic" effects. See

Human bites insect, not vice versa.

Years ago a friend spooked me by offering dried grasshoppers as a snack food. Very crunchy, fairly tasteless, not my thing then.
The FAO has just released a comprehensive 162 page report on insects as food, at The parts of this that interest you can be downloaded separately. I particularly liked the "One Health" concept of optimum health for people, animals and the environment.

Peppers for Parkinsonism

From cabbage for cancers to peppers for Parkinson's disease, good foods are health preserving (and I like corny alliteration.) I also am prone to harping on things, such as eating vegetables - maybe you hadn't noticed.;jsessionid=3D45001A86835083989BFDC4DEDE67C7.d03t04

Science comes to glyphosate toxicity.

It poisons our detoxification enzymes, the cytochrome P450 mixed function oxidase system. The potential health ramifications are very broad.
Another good reason to eat organic food if possible.

Farsighted approach to nearsighted condition.

A pretty tidy study, despite the two groups of kids being in different schools.
Just shows (probably) what a little extra sunshine and exercise can do. Diet is pretty important too, as sugar craving and indulgence strongly aggravate myopia.

Latest influenza scare, recent cover-up

The article which prompted this blog post is at Update January 2014 same old scare story recently
If you google "Living Proof: Vitamin C - Miracle Cure? The Alan Smith Story from NZ," a lot of blank video boxes come up.(Update January 2014, videos are back onine.) This was an story about how vitamin C saved a man dying of influenza. It was deleted on June 5th last year, no doubt because of pressure from commercial interests.
The link below is an interview with the lawyer involved in the fight to allow this man to live.
Vitamin C megadose is very useful.

You're better off in the burbs or the bush

Living, working or running, best away from arterial roads.
Add exhaust fumes to the particulates they measured, not to mention the emotions that go with sounds of horns, sirens and crashes.
An environment to be in as little as possible.

Dr. Simoncini's ideas finally looked at properly.

Very simple to add to whatever else you're doing for a cancer.
Despite bias against it by the cancer establishment (search bicarbonate, at,) some enlightened souls are looking into it.
Worth combining with slow breathing as well, as in Buteyko training.

Chelation therapy versus modern dogma.

The JAMA editors went over this study with a fine tooth comb, published it despite lots of opposition.
The calcium hypothesis has been neglected in favor of the cholesterol hypothesis, when both are probably small parts of the story.
Anti-oxidant supply is probably more important.

For people with bad asthma - "SMART" treatment

Combination inhaler used as needed, reduced episodes of severe asthma without increasing overall cortisone dose.
It is also smart to seek help from multiple sources, not restricted to the medical/pharmaceutical system. Thoracic spine derangement and food intolerance reactions may need management. T helper lymphocyte subsets may need balance.
Lots can be done to help.

Riches from rags, oil wise.

A link from my sister Maggie. Recycling plastic locally makes sense to me. It could be a way to earn money for your organization, or shared around between friends and neighbors. Watch on YouTube or read about it at

And here's the positive side of the fat story.

From Dr. Mercola today, more very important work on fats in diet. The last 3 paragraphs of the discussion at the end of this paper, are the nitty-gritty. Extra-virgin olive oil, walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts are good. Nut butters are really nice spreads.

Vitamin C and kidney stones

A good study showing association, not causation. These Swedish men had twice as many first kidney stones, if they used vitamin C. This happened to 0.3% of them over twelve years. Where there's smoke there's fire. If you're a man on vitamin C and get a kidney stone, this study may be relevant to you.

Old research uncovered. Omega 6 supplement harmful.

More died - as harmful as that. Butter was better than liquid safflower oil plus safflower oil polyunsaturated margarine. The shaky case against saturated fat is further weakened.

Wonderful Bill Rea's 1994 lecture gem

Here's a very good talk by a very experienced doctor, on a very important subject.
Enough superlatives. Environmental illness is usually missed. You have to think of it yourself.
See also

More on "health" - read that "disease," screening.

Cervical cytology and faecal occult blood screening save lives. Mammography and prostate screening barely do and at considerable cost (apart from financial.)
Now general checkups are found wanting.
Better spend your money on something enjoyable and use common sense regarding healthy lifestyle (unless you've got an inkling something is wrong.)

It doesn't (just) add up.

It multiplies.
9, 23, 47, 92 and 186 - doubling for each additional risk factor. This is how multiple risk factors "add up" towards cardiovascular disease.
Deal with one today.

Multivitamin and mineral supplement helps even doctors

They got Centrum Silver or a dummy look alike placebo and were followed up for 11 to 14 years. This is the first big randomized, placebo controlled trial, the only sort that gives believable results.
An 8% reduction in cancer incidence is not to be sneezed at.
Any good brand would probably be equivalent and even if you're not a doctor.

The seven year rule.

Worth asking - "How long has this drug been on the market?"
You do not want to be an early adopter in medicine, unless it is a desperate situation.
I was just reading Australian Prescriber 35(5)online, suggesting 7 years of general use before one uses most new drugs.

On seaweed, Japan and health statistics.

It's all good, and worth emulating.
This survey by the Zava's, concludes they eat 1-3mg of iodine per day from seaweed. This may be part of why they have the lowest rate of breast cancer in the world.
David Zava's book on breast cancer is also very good. $3.97 at

Tired? Your thyroid may be why.

Other things such as swollen ankles, irritability, and memory loss improved,in a study from India just reported at the American Thyroid Association's annual meeting.
The 1998 article below is still on the money. Any TSH level over 2.5 is worth attention, especially if T4 is lowish and cholesterol highish.
The quickest and surest way to know is by a therapeutic trial of T3 tablets. See the thyroid medicine page on holistic doc's site.

Calcium supplement for your bones?

The current RDA for 19‒50 years is 1000 mg, even if you're pregnant or lactating. After that, for women it's 1200 mg (and for men over 70.)
Treating 1000 postmenopausal women with large calcium supplements for 5 years causes 14 heart attacks, 10 strokes, 13 deaths, and prevents 26 fractures.
Not a great scorecard.
ps: A good discussion from 1986 at is well worth reading even now.

Have diabetes? Like liquorice? Maybe for you?

One of my patients came in with a packet to show me, with his blood glucose chart.
New Zealand's Red Seal brand "Black Adder" liquorice tea may be better than average, as it surely had brought his sugars under control.
You would have to monitor your blood pressure, as it may go up.

Breathing retraining helps asthma

"All four of the most intensive and comprehensive interventions reported improvements in asthma symptoms at 6 to 12 months of followup."
Sounds like a pretty good commendation to me. I've done Buteyko training and can vouch for that.
Asthma causes anxiety causes overbreathing causes worse asthma - one of those vicious cycles we're prone to.
It can be fixed, with the right help.

Chemical intolerance surprisingly common

Cleaners, tobacco smoke, perfumes, pesticides, new carpet, and exhaust fumes can affect some people badly.
Here it was 20% of people attending their doctor.
See the multiple drug intolerances page of this site for the importance of this in medication adverse effects.

Tonsillitis germ still dangerous.

The group A beta-haemolytic Streptococcus doesn't sound very ominous. It surely is.
Acute rheumatic fever with heart valve damage used to be common. Sydenham's chorea and acute glomerulonephritis were likewise.
Now OCD has been added to the list.
A child with sore throat, bad breath, fever and coated tongue needs medical attention, probably penicillin. A deeply reddened throat and tenderness under both the angles of the jaw make Streptococcal infection more likely.

Herbs for hypertension

Mild hypertension and not comfortable with pharmaceuticals? Exercise, relaxation, eating less are all useful.
So are herbs. This review lists nearly 50, from around the world.

Learn "cardio" without "pulmonary", recussitation

Much better results without mouth-to-mouth, so just do the chest compressions is the message.
Keeping their blood flowing until the ambulance arrives, saves lives.

Cocoa good for brain function - hooray!

Good news indeed. I do like my mug of hot chocolate.
This was a proper "randomized controlled trial" with the participants hopefully being unable to tell which cocoa they were drinking.
Here's to keeping our remaining marbles intact.

Hello everyone. We were back from holidays when I wrote this.

It was very nice to escape to your sunny northern hemisphere, thank you.
This article is on vitamin B12 and brain problems. Repeated measurements every few years may show up declining vitamin B12 levels long before any nasty symptoms develop.
A cheap and valuable blood test.

Colicy babies may have Helicobacter infection.

This study in the Middle East found most to them had the germ, but not what caused what.
Food intolerance reactions can come from foods actually eaten by a baby or via the tiny amounts coming across in a mother's milk from her food. This can cause colic in breast or artificially fed infants, and very likely susceptibility to Helicobacter.
It's worth checking for both food intolerance and the germ.

Vitamin B 6 and inflammation

Functional deficiency is when our body needs more than usual of something, so a normally adequate supply now isn't enough.
Here it is partly due to "leaky gut" from food intolerance, forcing our body to do a lot of conversions of one amino acid into another (which requires a lot of vitamin B 6.)
Delayed food intolerance is very common and hardly ever recognized.

Life changing 18 minutes

The photos of Dr. Terry Wahls before, during and after her illness are as dramatic as they get.
An anecdote of one case of one illness, carrying an incredibly important message to us all.
Very, very, very important.
Dr. Terry Wahls’ Inspiring Talk at TEDxIowa

Our brain - plastic in one sense.

Plasticity, able to be remoulded, by juggling in this research. Use it and it gets better.
Norman Doidge's book on this subject is a really good read - see his site at
abebooks had one for $5.94 when this was written.

Blood letting gets the nod.

Wonderful to see old experience verified.
You don't have to have haemochromatosis to benefit from venesection treatments. Iron is both essential and dangerous.
The tests include ferritin and transferrin saturation. Ferritin shouldn't be too high, the other not even high in the reference range.

A plug for zinc supplementation

"Therapeutic use of zinc could have wide application."
Bangladesh, Nepal, India and probably everywhere. Not just for infections either.
It's a very important nutrient, commonly in short supply. See also our zinc nutrition page.

More activism - regarding what we think we're eating.

The Cornucopia Institute has just blown the whistle on a breakfast cereal which isn't what people thought they were eating.
It was called "natural" but they tested it, found 100% GMO soy - no accident in that.
Please add your voice.

Medical fibromyalgia treatment, such as it is

The last three lines of this abstract tell a common tale.
If you have widespread bodily pain and are unwell, a conventional medical assessment is really important. If it is something like hypothyroidism for which effective treatment is available and essential, well and good.
Fibromyalgia always needs more than drugs.

Belly Button Biodiversity Project

Now don't be disgusted, they're mostly quite nice germs.
Lots of them too. The first 100 brave souls to be swabbed, had 1400 different strains of bacteria between them.
Valuable information from gene studies.

Our babies have vulnerable brains.

Horrifying effects from intra-uterine exposure to an agricultural pesticide.
Chlorpyrifos is dangerous enough to have been banned from household use for over 10 years, but is still used on our food crops!
These children had it measured at birth and were studied years later. We are talking about long term effects enough to affect even the growth of their brains.

Neuropathic pain - primer in the science

This is well out of date in this exploding field. 2006 is long ago in science.
It is full of technical terms as well.
If this hasn't put you off and you're prepared to consult wikipedia along the way, it will be a very valuable read.

Good for Californians, good for everyone everywhere.

Local volunteers and global donors needed, to support legislation just to know what you're eating.
Incredible, isn't it, that food labelling is presently so slack, hiding GMO ingredients.
This has to change.

Resveratrol - valuable Polyphenol

Resveratrol is a phytoalexin antioxidant in red grapes.
Cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, fungal, bacterial and viral infections. The list of conditions potentially helped, goes on and on.
It drops weight, blood pressure, glucose, and insulin resistance in rodents, and a human trial on this is proceeding.
Worth looking into.

That old perennial problem - the FDA of USA

This is just in case you don't already subscribe to Dr. Mercola's newsletter.
It's a problem for everyone, as lots of supplements come from USA.
Thanks for raising your voices.

Friendly bacteria cheer up anxious mice.

Quoted from Nature (
The complete original article is below. The introduction and conclusions have good information.
Do cultivate friendship with your bowel germs. What goes around comes around.

A friend from the earth - copper in your socks

Dr. Borkow co-authored a letter to Archives of Dermatology in January, entitled "Resolution of skin maladies of the trapped Chilean miners: the unplanned underground copper-impregnated antifungal socks 'trial'."
Another positive trial was reported 4 years ago. See

Earth day is here again - and there's time to get involved.

I hope your Spring or Autumn is treating you kindly.
Here's a chance to contribute to treating nature kindly.
With love...

That's what friends are for

Andy was around for tea tonight and introduced me to 27bslash6.
Wonderful stupidity. Should be more of it.
Bit hard on chiropractors.

Expert opinions on ensuring tests are appropriate.

These opinions are evidence and consensus based, and are presented by specialty.
They may give you something to usefully discuss with your doctor at some stage.

Supplements can help diabetes

600 mcg of chromium picolinate plus 2mg biotin helped more than a placebo, without any adverse effects, in this study.
This was in people not adequately helped by their drug therapy.
Attention to lifestyle and diet still remains the most important, however.

The importance of enough sleep

This study in older men regarding new onset of ("incident") high blood pressure, is applicable to all ages and most health conditions.
We repair our bodies during sleep.
Sleep before midnight is very valuable.
Worth making it a priority.

On vitamin D 3 and dementia

Beta amyloid accumulates in the Alzheimer dementia affected brain, doesn't do it any good.
The healthy brain's macrophage (big eater) cells gobble it up. This process, deficient in AD, is apparently restored by cholecalciferol.
Yet another good reason to get out in the sun.
See 5th abstract down, pp 51-62, at..

Information you'll probably never need

Desperate situations may require desperate measures, but these ones are easy.
Doses of 1gm vitamin C, 300mg alpha lipoic acid, 200mg vitamin E and 200mcg Selenium all twice a day, are suggested as part of emergency radiation protection.
The link below is to an interesting 5.1MB pdf, but above is the basic information.

Good for Californians, good for everyone everywhere.

Local volunteers and global donors needed, to support legislation just to know what you're eating.
Incredible, isn't it, that food labelling is presently so slack, hiding GMO ingredients.
This has to change.

Too much of a good thing

American soils have plenty of selenium. Australian soils are short of it. Our food chain follows.
The rule that supplementation will confer benefit only if intake of a nutrient is inadequate, while definitely not universal, appears to apply to Selenium.
What level is adequate? There's the rub¹. RDAs are worked out from existing knowledge with a prudential margin. They're likely to be way behind the latest information, as with any consensus position.

Menstrual period pain and vitamin D

A small number of women involved and only a short time of observation. No information as to when and whether a repeat dose might be useful. Lots of problems not answered by this study.
HOWEVER, where there's smoke there's fire.
Could end up being useful.

(It was) Fairtrade Fortnight in Oz, how about USA?

Enjoying your coffee or cocoa?
Any idea where it was sourced, or who got their income from growing it?
Here's an organization devoted to justice in that area, having their annual publicity fortnight.
Maybe check them out.

Showing your AGE affected DNA?

Sugar sticks to things, including our DNA.
More sugar, more advanced glycation endproducts, more trouble.
Note on lines 8-9 of the abstract below, the healthy volunteers with more vitamin B6 had less affected DNA.
More vitamins, less trouble.

Rotate between different classes of antibiotics.

Your resident bacteria have increased rates of resistance to an antibiotic, for up to 12 months after a course of any of that class of antibiotic.
The greater the number or duration of antibiotic courses prescribed in the previous 12 months, the greater the chance of this.
Best to ask what you can do other than take antibiotic, and if you need repeated courses ask if they can rotate between different types.

Cannabis relieves pain, could be available.

This is a relatively safe drug, here shown to be effective in people with chronic pain already on opioids.
The hemp plant has lots of other uses as well. Surely it is possible to grow it in secure establishments.
It deserves serious consideration.

Another excellent resource - on vitamin D

If you've any health concerns, there may be something here for you.
The 2000 IU/day dose for avoiding influenza is just 2 capsules. If you search the site with "dose" they have lots of suggested doses per condition. They want to see levels steady throughout the year, without rapid fluctuations.

Best 4 indicators of early cognitive decline. has good info. The best 4 in recent research are under results in the abstract on page 2 of the paper below.
Now is the time to introduce comprehensive nutritional treatment. Vitamin E for example, consists of eight substances (alpha-, beta-, gamma, and delta-tocopherol; alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocotrienol.) Alpha tocopherol alone has been inconsistent, probably as it reduces absorption of dietary gamma T.

Or your lower back? Epidural injections can help here.

The abstract, introduction and discussion parts of this paper will give you a lot of the information.
People with facet joint pain or sciatica were excluded, leaving those who had pain possibly from discs.
Caudal injections helped more than half of these people with chronic low back pain which had resisted previous treatments.;14;25-36.pdf

Sore neck? Read on

"No important differences in pain were found between SMT and HEA at any time point."
Spinal manipulation therapy and home exercises were equally effective and both better than just swallowing pills.
Jaw problems and low blood sugar are also worth considering as possible aggravating factors.

Maybe better to leave our germs alone

Paraben antiseptics are also weak oestrogens.
In breast tissue they were found more near the armpit, probably from underarm deodorants. That's where more breast cancers are found, so questions are being asked about a possible connection.
Probably better to avoiod them.

Raw (milk) action

Some judge has denied people have the right to consume the milk from their own cow.
Something is distinctly wrong in the state of Wisconsin, and apparently in most of North America.
Please consider helping Support Michael Schmidt.

The Raw Milk Institute

This won't be news for you if you subscribe to Dr. Mercola's newsletter.
Perfectly good food, if properly produced and handled. Should be legal everywhere.
Worth some effort to ensure this.

Latest dampener on prostate screening.

Half of the men in the control arm did have at least one PSA test. This would reduce but not eliminate any benefit in the active arm of this study.
About prostate cancer screening, the jury is still out, but any benefit is very likely to be small and counterbalanced by bad effects.

Electronic cigarettes apparently acceptable

In this Italian study, 22 of 40 volunteers who didn't want to stop smoking, actually did end up reducing it.
"Participants would enthusiastically recommend the e-Cigarette to friends or relatives who wanted to stop/reduce smoking."
The full study report is here...

Dangers of self diagnosis.

These people probably had some health concern for them to consider taking supplements.
Their efforts were off the mark sufficiently often for whatever they had wrong to catch up with them and influence the statistics.
Iron deficiency in women after their menopause, needs investigation for gastro-oesophageal bleeding.

More from New Zealand on cervical dysplasia

From the land where the Cartwright Commission of Inquiry¹ in 1988 dealt with unethical research on this subject, new evidence emerges.


resolved without treatment in 2/3rds of the young women whose doctors considered delay was safe. None of them got cancer of the cervix.
Folate isn't enough² but I wonder if that figure would have been higher if comprehensive nutritional advice had been given.


Men and fitness, chickens and eggs.

Middle aged men whose fitness increased, subsequently died less during this study. Increased fitness and death were inversely related.
Perhaps the men with (eventually) lethal diseases were less able to get fit.
Association doesn't prove cause and effect.

NRDC taking on the FDA on BPA

Don't you just love acronyms.
The National Resources Defense Council sounds like a worthy cause. They have forced the government to do their duty, clearly something which wasn't going to happen any time soon.
While on that subject, if you're not already an avaaz petitioner consider looking at them at

A Blog about a blogger.

I was just asked to renew my subscription to the HealingWell Newsletter, and had a look at Peter's blog.
You may like to do likewise.
Good guy.

Science proves yoga benefits

Shreelaxmi Hegde and co-workers have shown what was always obvious. Yoga helps people.
The malondialdehyde is a nasty from oxidative damage of polyunsaturated oils. If you take a supplement of the latter, it's a good idea to also supplement with vitamin E to protect the oil from oxidation.
Vitamin E is recycled by vitamin C, and that in turn by glutathione and that finally by lipoic acid. These antioxidants are team players.

Hooray for the Raw Milk Freedom Riders

See also
Good stuff if you can get your hands on it.

Interested in your germs?

This is pretty readable and very interesting. We've about 100 trillion germs apiece and they obviously have a large role in our health.
If you are buying a probiotic, look for one with a lot of different organisms rather than just one or two.
Feed them well. They like fruit and vegetables.

Insecticide madness - dementia actually

Xenobiotics abound - chemicals foreign to us and often disagreeable. Deltamethrin is supposed to be one of the safest insecticides, but rat brain obviously doesn't like it.
The Nrf2 protein it increases is to protect the brain, and is even touted as a treatment for human neurodegenerative dieases.
See, which is a bit more interesting than the reference below...
Use mechanical methods against insects whenever possible.

Another call to action.

Hi everyone,

I hope you don’t mind receiving this e-mail. I am sending it to everyone in my e-mail address book and to anyone I think can help Dr. Burzynski fight the injustice he has endured in order to bring the world effective cancer treatments. The Texas Medical Board and the FDA in the USA have taken Dr. Burzynski to the highest court in the land in order to stop him curing people of some of the most aggressive cancers such as Glioblastoma Multiforma using non-toxic antineoplastons. I viewed the Dr. Burzynski movie; a documentary movie about Dr. Burzynski’s 40 years of research and success with cancer treatment and about the corruption at the highest level of government to stop this noble doctor from saving lives and bringing the world his amazing treatments. The legal action taken against him is unprecedented, which only confirms that they are seriously threatened by this man’s discoveries. Apparently, the FDA policy is that they would not approve a cancer treatment from an individual, it has to be a major pharmaceutical company, for obvious financial reasons.

While they were bleeding Dr. Burzynski financially through legal action, they stole his patents, raided his hospital and stole patient files and research files. Now they are at it again, this time stopping him from using FDA approved drugs off label which when used in combinations appropriate to the genetic makeup of the person and their cancer cells, amazing success was achieved, with rapid shrinkage of tumours. I urge you all to watch and buy the Burzynski movie and share this information with your friends. All funds raised go towards research and to pay for legal expenses. Without our help, Dr. Burzynski could lose his licence, his hospital and all future research will be halted. The world would have to wait a long time for an effective cancer treatment to be developed. Please do not ignore this call for help!

Kind regards, Miryana Baran ( who relayed the message from Renee Trimble Director, Public Relations Burzynski Clinic 9432 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77055 (713) 335-5697)

ps: This story has so far had a happy (hopefully) ending -see updated note under the video.

Also see

Antioxidants work in teams

Fatty liver is the most common liver disease in the world, affecting 20% of people in USA.
In this condition vitamin E plus alpha lipoic acid was better than either alone (combined with a diet.)
Very refreshing to see this sort of work being done in mainstream medicine.

Curing your new diabetes rapidly

These people had type 2 diabetes for less than 4 years, but lost it in a week!
The treatment was a 600kcal per day diet. Not an easy ask, but it shows it can be done.
An excellent way to start if just diagnosed with diabetes.

Vitamin D and breast cancer prevention

Carole Baggerly talking to Dr. Mercola about an all too frequent scenario - her own.
Enough vitamin D and breast cancer down to 50%!!
It's enough to bring a tear to one's eye.

And I like to nag or harp, on my soapbox

Hale Dwoskin has some nice little exercises here, for helping one to "get connected."
I'd like to push once again for people to learn about our banking system and credible alternatives, at Paul Grignon's video.
We need more than just protest.

And I like Ted too

You probably know him already. My son just introduced us.
This post is just in case, like me, you need new horizons opening up to wile away the (otherwise boring) hours.
I dream (when I have a minute.)

I like Jamie Oliver

Adolescent nutrition is an extremely important cause. is recommended reading.
The reference below is work showing diet and mental health go hand in hand. This is not new information. The Alexander Schauss book "Diet, Crime and Delinquency" was written in 1981.
Action is happening now.
Please consider getting behind it.

How to give vitamins a bad name

In the Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention "SELECT" Trial, 400 IU of alpha tocopheryl caused a small increase in prostate cancer.
Natural vitamin E is a mixture of different tocopherols. The absorption of important dietary gamma tocopherol was probably inhibited by the alpha tocopherol dose.
Vitamin E plus selenium didn't cause a definite increase in prostate cancer, and is the combination recommended anyway. Vitamin E should always be taken as natural mixed tocopherols.

Good food for the next generation

The National Birth Defects Prevention Study interviewed women about their diets before and during pregnancy.
The Mediterranean Diet Score (MDS) and the Diet Quality Index (DQI) were calculated.
Anencephaly, spina bifida and cleft lip were all associated with poor diet.

Work for all ages together

These young people are acting for everyone, including our children's children.
Our present world systems and habits are far from ideal. and are good places to start.
There's no time like the present. This still applies no matter how far in the future you are reading this blog archive.

Reassurance for us geriatrics

"The complaint of forgetting things from one second to the next, generally considered part of normal aging, was not associated with cognitive impairment."
I know. Most of you young fry couldn't care less.
Well, I personally was very happy to hear this.

Listeriosis information I didn't know

"Unlike other many other kinds of food-borne pathogens, listeria bacteria can continue to grow despite the cold temperatures of a refrigerator."
The time between when you consume it and when you get sick is longer than it is for many other bacteria, so people may continue to develop illness days or weeks after eating the contaminated food.

Blame the germs at all costs.

Very little concession to host factors in bacterial vaginosis, in this article.
"Professor Bradshaw said cure rates for bacterial vaginosis were “dismal”, with her previous research showing almost 60% of women had the condition again within 12 months of treatment."
Maybe something to do with their immune system?

Long chain fatty acids for long life.

Military evidence - soldiers dying of suicide had less DHA. This omega 3 oil is essential for our brain structure and function and is hard to come by. has lots of info.
Emulate a whale today.

Kids in rural areas in Europe and raw milk

They had less hay fever and asthma, than kids on boiled milk.
Healthy cows produce good food, for calves and human kids.
Organic or biodynamic farms are likely to have healthy cows.

From my daughter's Facebook friends

"A study found that an average Australian walks about 1440km a year. Australians drank on average 93.4 litres of alcohol a year. That means that on average, Australians get about 15.4km to the litre. Makes you damned proud to be an Australian."

Interesting reading on neuroscience

Something out of the ordinary, may have an article of interest and not too technical.
16 page pdf, 12.4MB
Hope you enjoy.

RED ALERT: FDA Set to Ban Your Supplements

I apologise for harping, but Dr. Mercola has a convenient draft letter at the foot of his article.
Massive public outcry is very simple these days. The World in Action, is a wonderful example.
Let's tell them.

Have you ever met a tight arsed chocaholic?

People in these studies who ate chocolate got less coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.
Probably because they were more laid back, but it sounds as though eating chocolate did no harm either.
Good news.

Something for Australians

And Figians.
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Enterprises is owned by a couple of very good friends, who are absolutely honest and ethical.
They are also very innovative, and the SAFE Carbon Program is about helping farmers improve the soil. Soil organic matter, of which 58% is carbon, is one one any nation's most important natural resources.

Fight the good fight.

It's no fanciful idea. The regulatory authorities really are actively working all the time, against anything likely to reduce pharmaceutical company profits.
Everyone can help protect natural treatments. Just contact your politician directly and sign petitions.

If physical exercise were a drug, it would be hitting the headlines.

This quote related to cancer treatment, is right on the money.
Dr. Josef Issels is dear to my heart, having saved a good friend who was dying of melanoma. He was way ahead of his time in many ways, including in recommending exercise. People would be brought to his clinic on stretchers and a few weeks later would be climbing the hills near the Ringberg Clinic.
Gordon Thomas co-produced the film "Go And Climb A Mountain" for the BBC after they investigated the Issels Clinic results. Pressure should be put on the BBC to dig it out of the archives and put it up on the net.

Modified citrus pectin, by EcoNugenics, worth a look

This study is in vitro, in a laboratory rather than an intact human.
Nevertheless, it is impressive stuff.
One would need to have all the nutrients in place, to get the most advantage. Cars without oil don't respond well to a foot on the accelerator.

We each have unique chemistry

This was brought home forcibly to the great Professor Roger J. Williams, when he had a very nasty "idiosyncratic" reaction to morphine.
The day will come when such unpleasant and dangerous reactions to drugs will be predictable and avoidable, through laboratory tests using one's own cells.
Even more importantly, unique requirements for greater than normal amounts of individual nutrient substances, can be detected with the same tests.
Search "SpectraCell Laboratories."

The perfect drug - another contender


join NSAIDs

and benzodiazepines in the list of drugs which cause or worsen the very disease they are meant to treat.
Good for buisness.

Fry those dust mites

Can you leave a car closed up in the sun all day?
This will heat sterilize pillows and duvets (doonas) easily and cheaply.
These researchers did the whole house, with good effect on asthma. The online pdf has all the details.

Smart Indians

They use loads of tumeric in curries.
They don't spend as much of their time in cars and buildings either, probably.
Help yourself today, to prevent future Alzheimers.

It was Fluoride Awareness Week (when this entry was written).

I know this is a well worn theme in this blog, but just in case you need convincing...
Dr. Susheela is very well qualified to speak on the subject. She makes a lot of sense.
If you get an upset tummy or are weak and tired, a urinary fluoride level over 1mg/litre would make removal of the source of fluoride a worthwhile therapeutic trial.

Some interesting reading on toxicity and beyond

Despite the protestations, hormesis is the same as homeopathy (in low potencies.)
It reminds me of John Ott's work on the benefits of UV/full spectrum light. UV was a dirty word for a long time, now being restored to respectability on account of vitamin D.
U-shaped curves everywhere.

Latest dampener on mammography

The second research article, full text available free. This quote is from their conclusions at the end.

“Our study adds further population data to the evidence of studies that have used various designs and found that mammographic screening by itself has little detectable impact on mortality due to breast cancer,”

Growing vegetables

This woman is out there doing it. She has raised some eyebrows, copped some flack.
Surreptitious vegetable gardening, mixed in with your flowers, won't get unwanted attention. It can look good.
Why waste a chance to enjoy tasty and nutritious home grown produce.

Something I pay for, happily.

Most of my reading is from free-to-web sources, but this one is worth spending a little money on.
This month the article is on back pain, and their approach is excellent.

Very good review of acne - gut - brain connections

For acne, I think food intolerance and zinc deficiency first.
This full article is free, and is an excellent read, of general interest quite apart from acne.

Whey protein for weight loss

200 lb people got 200 extra calories, lost 2 lb, in this experiment.
Overconsumptive undernutrition - big words, makes big people. If we aren't getting the vitamins, minerals and other nutritional substances we need, our body says "keep eating until you do."
Quality of food is really important. Teaching one's children how to cook at home, would be a good start.

Resveratrol accolade

Enjoying red wine gives a little and Kennedy et al gave 250 and 500mg doses. They showed increased blood flow in the frontal cortex of the brain.
Resveratrol reduces inflammation, mimics calorie restriction effects on metabolism, has anti cancer effects and has multiple beneficial effects on metabolic syndrome. - It appears to be an all round good guy.

Lactoferrin supplements can be useful

This bactericidal and immune modulating substance is secreted in milk, tears, saliva, pancreatic juice, etc.
It is also released from white blood cells.
It helped the mice and could help you. One human application has been in helping eradicate Helicobactor pylori.

Where there's smoke...

Miller and Goldman have created quite a flurry with their correlation of immunization and infant mortality, which went the wrong way.
Maybe a time for non-action, and definitely for better nutrition.

One example of a generally valuable action.

People with type 2 diabetes aren't alone in having compromised anti-oxidant status.
Just about any chronic condition is likely to benefit, as did these people with diabetic eye damage.
In these toxic times, anti-oxidant supplementation is good insurance.

A little light reading on tomatoes

An "archive of tomato samples unique in California and perhaps the world" was analyzed for conventional v. organic difference.
Organic farming methods produced higher levels of quercetin and kaempferol, flavonoids useful for our health.
Eat organic, if you can.

Our banking system is bringing us down.

Misunderstood, very dangerous and totally unnecessary.
Paul Grignon's cartoons explain the system, its defects and possible solutions. It's vitally important to understand, so we can all put appropriate pressure on our elected representatives in government.
Otherwise we're in for trouble.

Ground breaking research on heart disease

Our heart can heal.
This probably seems self evident, but it has been assumed that death and scarring are the only thing possible for the bit of muscle which dies in a heart attack.
Maybe not.

I'm not paronoid, but read on...

I'm appalled.
This latest post by Dr. Mercola on the trials and tribulations of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski really shows up the medical establishment in an extremely bad light.

A watery tale - very interesting

Believe it or not, it is reasonably hard to take pure water into our body.
That doesn't mean the chemicalized stuff from an average tap is better. This is not suggesting chlorination, fluoridation and the like are healthy.
A tiny bit of coffee is a simple way to make water easier to absorb, but read on...

Self tests re sleepiness, sleep apnoea

Most people with sleep apnoea don't know they have it or don't know how important it is in their health problems.
Do you catch up with a sleep-in on weekends? Are you trying to do too much?
Maybe decide on priorities and prune inessentials, get more sleep.

The heart's code - just what is it?

Paul Pearsall's book is derived from the experiences of heart transplants recipients.
Alex Loyd, N.D., Ph.D., and Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD are about reprogramming one's heart of hearts - what we really believe, rightly or wrongly.
I've only just bought "The Healing codes" so as yet cannot speak from my own experience, but their free "heart issues finder" is an interesting exercise.
It seems a bit like "A Course in Miracles" and judging from the testimonials, is a good journey.

Putting cholesterol in its place

Apolipoprotein (apo) B is more use, but hardly ever measured because statin drugs (ostensibly for cholesterol lowering) must be pushed.
Inter-cellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1 and the like are also worth looking at. See for example

Gin soaked (golden) raisins for arthritis

Just search gin soaked raisins if you can't watch videos on line.
Millie covers 9 golden raisins with gin, leaves soaking for a week and has a teaspoon a day. One of my patients has found good relief with it.
My favorite is cumquats, sugar and cheap brandy, left for a year or more. I'm not claiming any health benefits and you need to have a sweet tooth to enjoy it.

Lets hear it for freedom from ANY religious dogma

Christian, Muslim, whatever.
I'm not an atheist. I'm able to conceive that creation by a higher intelligence and Darwinian evolution can coexist. Love for each other is for me the highest religion.
Hanging on my wall is the following...

"To welcome another with love and affection is the highest religion.
To find God in your own heart is to experience the highest religious truth.
And to carry that awareness with you seeing the same divinity in others is to manifest it in your daily life."

Eat fat, get lean. Sweet carbohydrates are fattening.

Refined carbohydrates also cause heart disease.
Carbs increase insulin, which increases fat accumulation.
This is a long lecture, but it is presented as 10 short sequential videos, making it easy to watch in convenient blocks.
It is very good.

Swedish results for immediate prostate cancer surgery

They found 25 fewer prostate cancer deaths after an average of 12.8 years, in 347 men - compared to initially waiting to see what happened.
This was in cancers considered to be the least severe.
The benefit was confined to men under 65, and in them 7 needed to have surgery for 1 extra survival.

Fluoridation of drinking water - poisonous, little value

"When it comes to fluoridating drinking water, Ontario and Quebec couldn't be further apart. Ontario has the country's highest rate of adding the tooth-enamel-strengthening chemical into municipal supplies, while Quebec has one of the lowest, with practically no one drinking fluoridated water.

But surprisingly, the two provinces have very little difference in tooth-decay rates, a finding that is likely to intensify the ongoing controversy over the practice of adding fluoride to water as a public health measure."

For the full story, see the reference below...

Feed your germs well

Prebiotics are feed for the friendly germs ideally inhabiting our bowel (some of the 100 trillion there.)
Breast milk supples them automatically, being 9% prebiotic oligosaccharides. The study below showed it's worth supplementing with them otherwise - and don't stop after infancy.
Good bowel germs are essential to good health.
See also the intestinal flora page of this site.

IQ deficits in school-age children

Articles 3-5 in this issue, together pointing the finger at pregnancy exposure to organophosphate pesticides.
If you can't peel it, wash it - and not just a quick dowse under the tap, but with detergent and a scrubber.
Agricultural sprays aren't designed to come off fruit in the next shower of rain.
Insects in the home can be hunted with a vacuum cleaner rather than sprayed.

Exercise benefit in breast cancer

From the famous Women's Health Initiative study of postmenopausal women, a definite benefit of regular exercise even if started after diagnosis.
By the way, this study was stopped early because of progestogen increasing breast cancer, not oestrogen. Progestins are synthetic progesterone look-alikes, and are bad news.
Oestrogen alone actually reduces the risk of breast cancer

Electromagnetic smog – safe?

"Regarding long-term effects (of mobile phone transmission towers at some distance,) data are scarce and the evidence for the absence of long-term effects is limited. Moreover, very little information on effects in children and adolescents is available and the question of potential risk for these age groups remains unresolved.

Where data are scarce, the absence of evidence of harm should not necessarily be interpreted as evidence that no harm exists."

Quote WHO 2010.

A prudent attitude to electromagnetic field exposure is eminently sensible. If a clock is needed in a bedroom, consider battery or mechanical rather than mains powered. Wi fi transmitter devices can usually be unplugged when not in use. Remove plugs from electric sockets whenever it is convenient.

Clinical treatment guidelines - often very misleading

16% of 25 million people who have diabetes in the United States, have damaged nerves from it - a big problem.
4 years work, assessing 2200 medical articles on painful diabetic neuropathy, eventually using 79 of them, to produce guidelines for doctors on its treatment - a big job.
Pregabalin got level A rating, based on at least 2 positive studies where at least 80% of the people in the study completed it.
Sounds good, but then we read "The level of evidence is not driven by the effect size of the drug... pregabalin has a small effect.. but still should be offered if clinically appropriate."
So much for using guidelines.

Earthing v. leading an insulated life

Have you ever been zapped by a car as you alighted? Static electricity at work.
Getting ones shoes off and reconnecting with the ground, even if just concrete, is proposed as important for health.
Sounds reasonable.

AGEs are worth avoiding

People with 50+ yrs type 1 diabetes and high plasma concentration of 2 advanced glycation end-products — carboxyethyl-lysine and pentosidine — were apparently 7 times more likely to have complications than those with lower levels.(from Medscape review)
This was despite good sugar control, and it probably applies to everyone.
Perhaps look into AGE blockers such as the Lypospheric ones (see

Pear shaped actually no better.

Central "apple-shaped" obesity, with high waist-to-hip circumference ratio, was thought to be more dangerous than the above.
Not so, apparently.
BMI,(weight divided by height squared) was a more reproducible measurement than any using a tape around the middle.
Excess fat anywhere, increases other risk factors - hypertension, diabetes, lipid abnormalities and inflammation.

Biodiversity importance in times of change

Mark Tully of the Blue Hills Poultry Stud in Queensland, had 200 breeds of chooks, some quite rare.
That was before January 10th, when his property was flooded.
No one can know which breeds will fare better in future conditions. The more variety we maintain the more secure our future.
If you have the capacity, consider having a rare breed of some domestic animal. 190 have become extinct in the last 15 years alone, and another 1500 are currently on the brink of extinction.

Potassium accolade, even if it's a surrogate.

More potassium, 20% less strokes, but why?
"More fruits and vegetables, in particular those that are very rich in potassium--including bananas, tomatoes, oranges, apricots, and most legumes--is probably best", says Dr Pasquale Strazzullo of the University of Naples. "The most practical advice we can give is that people should have five or six servings of fruit and vegetables a day,"
Maybe not if kidney disease or some medications - would need to check.

Slow down, smell roses, enjoy good old food

And protect the future food supply from dangerous biotech monopoly.
Genetically engineered everything is the way it's heading, with no regard for unknowable long term consequences on our health.
Even if you can't grow it, can you eat it?

The "evidence base" in medicine is shaky

Evidence based medicine would be very nice, if the "evidence" were believable.
Unfortunately is isn't. Most studies are paid for by drug companies, people don't get negative studies published easily, and here the peer review process has been shown to be dodgy.

You've caught the flu - have you?

"Modest accuracy" but nothing to help tell just how accurate, in the medical literature.
Sudden fever and cough and your doctors educated guess, don't have much to back them up.
There are a number of viruses responsible for "flu like" illness, as there are for common colds - not just influenza a and b.

Vitamin C for your 2-4 "common" colds per annum

You've about 200 choices of virus, so yet another vaccine is mercifully unlikely.
In this survey of the medical literature, vitamin C came out tops for prevention. Echinacea purpurea was supported best for treatment.
Vitamin C used intravenously is just in another class altogether. I use it mainly for people with more serious virus infections such as glandular fever and hepatitis.

See also the intravenous vit C page on this holistic doc site.

Dr. Mark's Blog is very interesting

This 1 hour video of Dr. Gerald Pollack's lecture on Water, Energy, and Life gets very practical at the end - fascinating stuff.
Dr. Mark Sircus' blog is free. The lecture on the pyramids is another good one, and quite short.

The great salt furphy exposed

Traded and valued for millenia, demonized by modern medicine for the sake of the 10% of the population who are salt sensitive, now exonerated.
People in this study with type 2 diabetes, lived longer the more salt they consumed.
See also

Cochrane collaboration - statin controversy

"There was evidence of selective reporting of outcomes, failure to report adverse events and inclusion of people with cardiovascular disease."
These in drug trials of statins in supposedly primary prevention.
The Cochrane collaboration is a very good place to look for answers to medical questions. Their volunteer reviewers are genuinely independant, and in this review it shows. They concluded that low risk individuals will spend a lot of money for very little if any benefit.

Homeopathy OK - Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier

The Health Freedom News Network has just published a really good explanation of homeopathy.
They have a lot of links to references.
It is a very good resource, as well as the interesting story about Dr Montagnier, the French virologist who won the Nobel Prize in 2008 for discovering the AIDS virus.
Wikipedia has an interesting article on Dr. Montagnier, as well.

Sniffer dogs pick bowel cancer

Poor dogs. What a job!
I assume they're well rewarded, and they do pick it accurately, even in early stages.
Researchers are already thinking of inventing a machine to do breath tests for bowel cancer, and put the dogs out of a job, however.

Sam Queen and

This guy is very very good. He is a creative lateral thinker and has put a lot of things together which make sense.
Having a checkup through the Institute for Health Realities can be good value for money.

Antioxidants help male infertility, and possibly you

Zinc and magnesium were also included apparently, for these men. The treated couples had over 4 times the chance of success.
It's a wake up call to everyone.
Get into those red, orange, purple, yellow and of course green vegetables, fruits and berries.

Save the honey bee ( and humanity.)

Earthworms and bees - tireless unpaid labourers, hard to replace, vital to our survival.
Please read up on "colony collapse" but don't swallow the idea that it is just due to some infection or other. It is a very new phenomenon and man made.
Please consider signing this petition. (if it is still collecting signatures)

Pesticides and herbicides also poison humans

Years ago, Dr. C J M van Tiggelen was struck by the frequency of pre-senile dementia in Gippsland farmers who typically were very careless when using blackberry sprays.
Now French farm workers exposed to pesticides are showing cognitive decline.
Using such things, be very careful.

Flu shots all round?

34 studies in 34,000 healthy 16-65 year olds. 1-3 chances in 100, of it helping, depending on whether the prevalent virus strains matched expectations. No fewer days off work nor less complications.
Overall, pretty useless, unless you want a sore arm.

Porphyrin metabolism hiccups

A patient asked for my opinion on an article in the latest Nexus magazine, and showed up yet another area of profound ignorance on my part.
If you've unexplained symptoms, this may end up being a useful area to look at.

Blessed be, all who read this
blog archives - Christmas 2010

Old sol, rainfall and 6 inches of topsoil - all life on earth depends on them. The sun appearing to stand still at the "solstice," was revered by the ancients.
Many gods were considered born at this time. Subscribing to any religious faith or not, it's a wonderful time to connect to the source of our physical being.

Laryngeal reflux - not this Christmas please

Laryngeal reflux symptoms include an urge to clear the throat, sore throat, hoarseness, cough and sensation of something stuck in the throat.
This can be without obvious burning up behind your breastbone.
Zinc deficiency may be the cause. The taste test for this is reasonably accurate. See also the page on zinc metabolism.
By the way, it's still raining here.

Reading for a wintery day - bee pollen benefits

It's supposed to summer in Australia, but today is cold and wet.
Half way down this excellent read on bee pollen, "cernilton" is mentioned as very good for "preventing and reducing common virus infections and related infectious conditions (due to its interferon activity)."
If you have prostate problems, it might help that too.

It's hardly ever too late - start exercising now

The Otago exercise program of strength and balance training has the runs on the board.
This was in people with average age 81.
Much better to start earlier. Why not now?

Non event - saturated fat and cardiovascular disease

It's been a sacred cow that saturated fats are bad - but no longer.
21 studies, of over 300,000 people, with over 11,000 cardiovascular illnesses, and no association found with saturated fat intake.

Animal exploitation v. "all my relatives"

In a sweat lodge, one addresses "all my relatives," meaning humans, animals, rocks and trees - the lot.
One of the health newsletters has just promoted vitamin K2 for cardiovascular and bone health. Eggs are a good source. They suggested go "cage free."
I'd suggest having a (caged) chook as a pet. They are productive and even nice to cuddle, as long as you have something under them - not house trained.

"Electrical Device for Cancer Treatment Polarizes Audiences" (of oncologists)

The cat is amongst the pigeons. Hulda Clark died recently, but her type of work is becoming mainstream.
The device is only being tried on really hopeless cases so far, but watch this space.

GMO food guides are available, even if labelling is not

For Canada go to
For USA, see the link below...

"Active surveillance" in prostate cancer

Quality-adjusted life-years (years of life in a preferred health state) came out least with immediate radical prostatectomy operation, best with yearly repeat biopsies +/- radiation if disease progressed.
Up to 40% of newly diagnosed prostate cancers meet the criteria for active surveillance, but currently less than 10% of men go that way.

Now it's genetically modified mosquitoes on the loose.

In Australia we have enough trouble with introduced rabbits and cane toads, without the unknowns of GM insects.
It would be really useful to have a crystal ball and see the future, but I'd just be cautious.
Read about it and see what you think.

Thumbs down to root canal filling from Dr. Mercola

I've also had teeth removed instead.
Dr Josef Issels saved a good friend years ago, who was dying of cancer. One part of the treatment was removal of some teeth.
Dr. Issels' work was later confirmed by an American professor, who showed that a proportion of root canal filled teeth had very toxic bacterial products.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - a new book on PSA screening

Professor Simon Chapman warns in his book that the evidence for routine prostate cancer screening is minimal, while the risks of unnecessary treatment “are known and very real”.
Screening certainly diagnoses it earlier, but that doesn't often translate into any useful end result, such as getting cured.

Candida versus molybdenum - and pain

I think of candida when people have itch, but acetaldehyde from it can lead to chronic pain as well (and many other symptoms.)
Molybdenum deficiency impairs detoxification of acetalhehyde.
The conventional view re this element can be read at This is obviously missing a lot of people who could respond to supplementation, as in the forum post below.

Ever eat watercress? Maybe we all should.

Cancers can only grow past a certain point if our body supplies them with a blood supply.
Watercress interferes with this process, at least in the short term.

Apologies to asprin - resurrected ? (see earlier post)

"When the study population was stratified by aspirin use, people on asprin carrying the A/− allele had significantly higher odds of heart attack compared with G/G homozygotes. In patients not taking aspirin, there was no statistical difference between genotype in the rate of myocardial infarction."
Researchers just reported this - a genetic marker for a group of people who do benefit from asprin.
They have a slight variation in their "platelet endothelial aggregation receptor 1" (PEAR1)

Germs matter - breaking news from Spain

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study on Crohn's was just presented there a week ago.
Two thirds were helped by rifaximin-EIR, an antibiotic which stays in the bowel, not into the bloodstream.
The middle of three doses was best, the highest worst. Our bowel germs are very important for our health, and probiotics are often a good start in improving it.

Juice an apple or two a day, with the skin left on.

Anxiety, agitation, and delusions were improved in demented people.
This took just a 4oz glass of apple juice twice a day.
A good quality juicer, such as a Champion, is a great investment for every aspect of our health

Smoke free legislation and acute coronary events

From 17 studies, "There is now a large body of evidence supporting a reduction in acute coronary events following the implementation of comprehensive smoke-free legislation, with the effect increasing over time from implementation." (Studies with longer data collection following legislation produced greater estimates of risk reduction)

Vitamin K assessment yet again

Further to my earlier note on vitamin K, a surrogate marker for overall vitamin K status in bone is measurement of circulating undercarboxylated osteocalcin (ucOC).
This is from page 5 of a dissertation on "vitamin K and osteoporosis" at
If you've any questions about this, please use the contact page or start your own page at the bottom of the musculoskeletal chest pain page.

Old safe drug, new discovery - nitroglycerine

Glyceryl trinitrate to you - presumably the earlier name reeked of explosions, so in medical use, this is it.
It's an old, safe, cheap drug.
A very positive placebo controlled trial was reported at the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research 2010 Annual Meeting on October 18, 2010.
It improved bone density dramatically.

A light hearted bit on seagull droppings

Have you ever had to eat a picnic meal with a seagull hovering in the wind close by and eyeing off your food?
It turns out that they are dangerous as well as hungry.

Lypo-Spheric GSH, a wonderful new product

To prove that this isn't an affiliate sales letter, you will have to copy and paste to read about this supplement.
Further to the earlier post "A wonderful story of recovery due to vitamin C, I've had some very positive experience with people using this glutathione preparation.

Non-GMO day on the 10th of the 10th of the 10th

Genetic modification introduces proteins completely new to our immune systems, with a wide variety of possible deleterious effects.
"Foods" with inbuilt insecticides are being touted even.
Dangerous experiments and very difficult to count the cost to a populations health.

Cow milk only good for calves?

If you're looking into this question, check out milk as the calves get it, unpasteurized.
This is definitely not the same as your average supermarket variety.

Curcumin from tumeric curry spice, in a capsule

Traditional Indian spice, good for your brain etc etc etc.
It's worth experimenting with, for the colour, the taste and your health.
And you can get it (Cumerone 1200® actually - an extract) in a capsule.

Latest on mammograms for breast cancer detection

In Norway women aged 50 to 69 were invited to undergo screening mammography every 2 years.
Older women were not invited, but had 8% less deaths from breast cancer anyway, compared to screened women with 10% less than unscreened women of the same age range.
They described this as a "modest benefit" (of screening.)
Both age groups benefited from improved medical and surgical care.
"The decision about whether to undergo screening mammography is, in fact, a close must be left to informed individuals to decide,"

"KIF6 Polymorphism" predicts coronary events, results of statin treatment.

You will probably be able to have this test and know whether Statin drug therapy will be of use to you.
It is an independent cardiovascular risk factor as well.

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