Back check up home study course available.

My DIY back check up helps me keep my own neck in good shape. You can learn to do this on yourself and on family members. They can learn how to examine further down your spinal column as you can theirs.

At the very least, this will help you to know when a visit to the chiropractor is likely to be worthwhile. It may be your first step towards getting professionally qualified in the health area. I have learnt new techniques from multiple practitioners over the years and the course is divided into different streams for people at different levels of prior experience including those already practicing manual therapies.

Medical doctors nearly always look at the site of a pain to determine the cause. They understand the concept of referred pain (felt at a distance from the source,) but do not realize how often the vertebral column is a large part of the problem. They are not taught how to examine the spine, so it is off their radar.

If you rely on medical doctors for your health care (read disease management,) knowing how to examine your spine could save you a lot of needless pain.

The techniques of examination do not require years of practice.

The course starts with physical examination of the back and neck. This is an essential first step and part of becoming aware of your state of health.

There is a nominal charge for the first module and a money-back guarantee for this in case you decide it isn't for you. You will have to enlist other people to help you, as you will need backs to examine. This study will be easier and more fun if you can enlist a couple of friends to do it with you (for the one subscription.)

The methods taught cannot hurt anyone, but despite this you will need to carefully consider whom you ask to be your subjects .

Get in touch for more details if you're interested.



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If you are interested in a home study course on examination of the spine, please send me your e-mail address by the contact form.