B12 causes rash

by Sharon

Whenever I take B12 I develop a painful shingles like rash the size of a half dollar which can come up on my lower torso but never above the waist. I have had up to three at one time all at different locations. I have asked my doctor about it and he just says...never heard of that. I am always tired and would love to get that B12 boost but it's not worth the pain and itching that comes with it. I would love to know if anyone has an explanation of why this is happening and if there is a combination of vitamins that would allow me to take the B12 and keep this from happening.

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Dec 10, 2015
B 12 allergy
by: Dr Rose

In a letter to the Medical Journal of Australia, titled "Allergy to hydroxycobalamin, with tolerance of cyanocobalamin" David Heyworth-Smith and Patrick G Hogan reported someone with severe allergy to the first who tolerated the second. Maybe look for a different form of B12?

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