It really is full of pain, anywhere you care to click.

I sincerely wish for you, that you find out about something which lessens yours'. That's the motivation for the site (apart from eventually getting back some of what I've spent - but that's another story.)


Part of an invocation says...

"Let pain bring due reward of light and love.
Let the Soul control the outer form of life and all events,
And bring to light the love that underlies the happenings of the time."

I remember when AIDS was very new and newsworthy, someone being interviewed saying he was happy that he had contracted the disease, as it had led to him turning his life around. Truly every cloud does have a silver lining. Every illness can bring new understanding and attitude change.


My favorite subject - anything about me,me,me.

Well anyway, here goes..

I'm 1940 vintage and my beard would be grey if I had one. I graduated in 1964. My first mobile phone was a foot long and weighed a ton. Get the message? I'm an old codger.

I'm hell bent on inflicting some of what I think I know, on anyone who will listen. It goes with the age.

Food allergies, personality defects, hypoglycemia, coronary artery disease, arthritis - I could go on, but suffice to say I've been there and done it.

Reiki and Sechim Reiki, rebirthing, muscloskeletal medicine, nutritional medicine, acupuncture and counselling are some of the things I've had training in.

I love watching things grow, and preside over a large and unruly garden. I'm married to a wonderful Kiwi. We have two wonderful golden retrievers and had one greyhound who was too smart to cooperate with racing (sadly now passed on.) ps: 2015 down to one dog. pps: 2017 now between dogs

I'm not good at finishing jobs. The pizza oven¹ is still not finished.

Addendum August 2012: The pizza oven is finished - but by a gentleman named Reginald G., not by me. We have yet to successfully cook a pizza in it, but watch this space.ps: 2015, have indeed cooked pizza.

Some profound spiritual experiences have been through sweat lodges², Siddha yoga, past life regressions and dealing with dying patients.

Dr. James Rose mbbs, fracgp (life member)
Sebastopol, Victoria, Australia.

The mbbs stands for bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery, which is the basic medical degree from Melbourne university, equivalent to MD in USA. The fracgp is a postgraduate degree in family medicine - Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practice. I also have a post graduate certificate from Flinders university in South Australia, in musculoskeletal medicine.


Currently face to face only, in Sebastopol, Victoria, Australia. The intention is to set up the capacity for virtual consulting via the internet.


1. See http://ejim40.wordpress.com/2008/09/05/amateur-bricklaying/

2. These were in Australia with a group who maintained close ties with one American Indian. They were done in authentic manner, first talking to the medicine man about one's prayers and making one's tobacco ties etc.

Prayers were spoken with the full expectation that they would be fulfilled, not just as a hopeful request.

At the first sweat lodge the heat and steam were so intense that I put my nose down where the covering met the ground and found a tiny bit of cooler air to breath. The second time I found an excuse to leave (which was not accepted, but I left anyway.) It was only the third time that I was able to stay sitting and actually enjoy the experience, despite there being more rocks bought in than on the first two occasions.

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